10 Facts About Tom Cruise That You Should Know

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Here is a list of things that make Tom Cruise completely irresistible.

Thomas Cruise Mapother IV or more popularly, Tom Cruise is perhaps one of the most talked about and admired Hollywood celebrities in the world.  Born on July 3, 1962 to Thomas Cruise Mapother III and Mary Lee, Cruise has a mixed lineage of English, Irish and German. While he was introduced to the world of acting at the age of 19 in the film, Endless Love, Cruise became an overnight sensation after working in films like Rain Man and Born on the Fourth of July.

However, Tom Cruise wasn’t yet the superstar everyone dreams about now until he perfectly fitted into the boots of Ethan Hunt  in the Mission Impossible series. Since then, there has been no turning back for Mr. Impossible. His appeal and simplicity made the world instantly fall in love with him. Films like Top Gun and The Color of Money introduced him to top class directors which, in turn, established him as an outstanding rising actor.

Tom Cruise has always been known in the industry for his uncoventional choices of movies and surprising career decisions. Nonetheless, he has emerged victorious in most endeavors and we hope he continues being Mr. Perfect in every Impossible way. Here are some mindblowing facts about Tom Cruise that makes him completely irresistible for fans around the world.

1. He bought his first motorcycle with his pocket money

What Makes Tom Cruise Irresistible? | Tom Cruise riding a motorcycle in Mission Impossible
Tom Cruise riding a motorcycle in Mission Impossible | via theatlantic.com

At the age of 10, Tom Cruise spent all his savings and pocket money on a motorcycle as speed was what he cared for. He secretly bought a Yamaha bike in his mother’s absence and tried to impress his friends with a few stunts. But things went awry and he ended up getting badly injured. But the incident didn’t stop our star from riding a bike again and Tom Cruise stole the hearts of millions with his shots in films like Mission Impossible and Knight and Day.

2. He is only actor to be listed in Forbes Annual Celebrity power-list twice

What Makes Tom Cruise Irresistible? | Tom Cruise topped the Forbes Power-list twice
Tom Cruise topped the Forbes Power-list twice | via biography.com

Forbes annually releases a Celebrity Power list of 100 International celebrities based on their year’s ranking and media buzz about them that have going throughout the year. Tom Cruise topped this list not just once but twice in 2001 and 2006 making him the only Holywood actor with this achievement. Awesome isn’t it!

3. The cartoon of Aladdin is based on him

What Makes Tom Cruise Irresistible? | The likeness of Aladdin is based on Tom Cruise
The likeness of Aladdin is based on Tom Cruise | via guff.com

It is quite well known that Tom Cruise dislikes his likeness being used in action figures and video games and the actor has never allowed his image to be used for a similar purpose till date. However, back in 1992, Disney chose the rising star of Days of Thunder as the visual basis for modelling Aladdin. Disney stated that they chose Cruise over several others because he seemed hotter and more attractive.

4. He learned dancing to impress women

What Makes Tom Cruise Irresistible? | Tom Cruise's Iconic Dance in Risky Business
Tom Cruise’s Iconic Dance in Risky Business | via youtube.com

We all remember how Cruise improvised and made an iconic dance sequence in the film Risky Business that not only inspired a generation but many generations to learn the moves. Cruise himself admits that he learned dancing to impress women. As a kid he thought that women loved guys who could show-off good moves on the dance floor which compelled him to learn it by watching Soul Train.

5. He is both a reel-life and real-life superhero

What Makes Tom Cruise Irresistible? | Cruise with daughter Suri
Cruise with daughter Suri | via inquisitr.com

We have all seen Tom Cruise suiting up as fictional characters and stealing the show with his performance, glamour and smile. He is indeed a reel-life superhero to everyone of us. But he is a superhero in real life, too. He reportedly saved a woman from muggers once and in another incident, he admitted an injured woman named Heloisa Vinhas to a hospital and even paid the bills for her emergency treatment. Tom Cruise surely has a heart made of gold!

6. Ray-Ban once had 2000% sales boost for him

What Makes Tom Cruise Irresistible? | Tom Cruise in Risky Business
Tom Cruise in Risky Business | via rb.ua

Handsome is what handsome does. Similarly, fans do what their idol does. As soon as Tom Cruise flaunted the Ray-Ban sunglasses in his movie Risky Businessfans all over the world went super crazy and they immediately copied the superstar by purchasing the iconic glasses he wore. This boosted Ray-Ban sales to a scintillating and unbelievable 2000%.

7. He is a believer of Scientology

What Makes Tom Cruise Irresistible? | Cruise at a Scientology Conference
Cruise at a Scientology Conference | via chicagonow.com

Almost all hardcore fans know that Tom Cruise is a believer and follower of Scientology and acts as an outspoken advocate of the Church. But unknown to all, Cruise suffered dyslexia since childhood which he eventually overcame not through treatment but through his belief in Scientology. Yes, that’s what he often says in meetings crediting Scientology as the medicine.

8. He earned a pilot license for playing the lead in Top Gun

What Makes Tom Cruise Irresistible? | Tom Cruise in Top Gun
Tom Cruise in Top Gun | via geektyrant.com

One of the pivotal roles in Cruise’s acting career was his portrayal of Lieutenant Maverick in Tony Scott’s critically acclaimed film Top Gun. In the movie, Cruise pilots the USS Enterprise. At the time of filming, Cruise didn’t have a license to pilot an aircraft but his performance was so much praised by both audiences and critics that later in 1994, he earned a pilot license.

9. Japan celebrates Tom Cruise Day to honor him

What Makes Tom Cruise Irresistible? | Cruise with fans in Japan
Cruise with fans in Japan | via popsugar.com

An astonishing fact is that Tom Cruise has visited Japan more than any other Hollywood star. The Last Samurai star has thus been honored by the country by dedicating a day to his name. Since 2006, October 10 has been celebrated as Tom Cruise Day. Wish you were born in Japan too, right?

10. He is considered to be a lucky charm in Oscars

What Makes Tom Cruise Irresistible? | Tom Cruise with Thomas Lagnmann at the Oscars
Tom Cruise with Thomas Lagnmann at the Oscars | via aceshowbiz.com

Tom Cruise himself has never won an Oscar inspite of acting in record-breaking and praiseworthy movies. However, he is considered as an Oscars lucky charm because as many as 9 of his co-stars have won an Oscar. While that is an awesome thing for the co-stars, Cruise himself lacks one at his showcase even after being nominated thrice. Better luck next time Tom!

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