Dosoris: Once in a lifetime opportunity to own a beautiful New York island

17 November 2017

A 48-acre island compound less than an hour away from New York is up for sale.

Towns and counties in Long Island and the surrounding areas have long been home to old money families. In the past century they have built lavish palaces in the area; especially in towns such as Glen Cove and Oyster Bay. With the turn of the century many of these estates were sold off and renovated to become hotels. However, few of the estates still remain as a testimony to its heritage. Now an island near New York is for sale giving you the opportunity to move into this historic neighborhood.

Island near New York is for sale 1

Dosoris, an island compound in the north shore of Long Island has been listed for sale third time in its 100 years of history. The Island was first granted by King George the First to a private person in 1721 for 200 pounds. Junipus Spencer Morgan, grandson of J.P. Morgan bought the island in 1919. He built the house to be discreet and enjoy the privacy. During the 1940’s Juniper felt that island is too isolated and allowed few of his rich friends to build their homes here. His friends built five houses in the island each with its own unique style. The island near New York is for sale currently has six houses in total and they are all up for sale.

Island near New York is for sale main island view

Current owner of the New York island compound is Margo Walker, a socialite and real estate broker. She bought one of the houses at first and gradually bought the whole island. Now the whole island near New York is for sale. The listing is available with Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty.

Island near New York is for sale main mansion wall

The Estate

The island for sale comes with six houses which includes the main mansion. The total area of the island is 48 acres, along with 10 acres of underwater rights and a 28 acre pond. Juniper built the main mansion which has an area of 27,00 square feet. The “Creek House” is another house in the island which has a beautiful stone wall front. This house has four bedrooms. The “Creek House” is famous because Jackie Kennedy rented it after JFK’s assassination.

Island near New York for sale Creek House

The “Pond House” is reminiscent of palm beach style houses has four bedrooms. The interior is refreshing and perfect for relaxing. There is a waterfront manor house which was not named by the owners and has six bedrooms.

Island near New York is for sale Pond House

The island also has three cottages perfect for hosting guests. One of the cottages have four bedrooms, while the second one has two bedrooms and the third and the smallest one has only one bed and one bath.

Island near New York is for sale cottage

The New York island also comes with horse stables, paddocks, a “groomsman’s cottage,” and an original garage that can house eight cars. In total, then, omitting servant’s quarters, the estate has at least 28 bedrooms and sleeps nearly double that amount.

Island near New York is for sale main mansion interior

The Salutation

The central mansion, built by Juniper is named appropriately. The mansion’s name is “Salutation” and it is rightfully so. The house didn’t have much renovation and is pretty much the way it was built by the original owner. There is a 80 foot long slate and marble floor hallway which welcomes you into the Victorian style mansion. Once in you will stumble into the main living room which is a sight to remember. The dining hall is fit for a large ensemble of successful people as it can sit more 100 people.

Island near New York is for sale main stairs

As you go up the wood crafted staircase you will find nine bedrooms. The master suite has two bedrooms, each with its’ own fireplace and bathroom. The third floor has two guest bedrooms to entertain any guest you might have. Salutation has a total of 11 bedrooms in the mansion.

Island near New York is for sale garden

Fredrick Law Olmsted designed the landscape surrounding the main house. Fredrick is the famous architect who designed Manhattan’s Central Park. The formal garden surrounding the main house is breathtaking and perfect for evening tea. The main house also has a large pool and a large pool house right beside it. The other houses also have private pools. The island compound also contains two landing areas for helicopters and a 250 foot long dock.

Island near New York is for sale main dock

The listing is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The whole island with its 6 houses is up for sale for only $125 million wheres upscale houses in the Hamptons can cost up to $100 million.

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