Most Isolated Communities on Earth | Top 10

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Most Isolated Communities on Earth | Top 10

Have you ever wondered which are the most isolated communities on Earth? We know the answer.

Living in a crowded place isn’t easy, nor in a remote community.

However, the people from these 10 communities apparently won’t leave behind their life in these tranquil places.

And you’re about to see 10 of the world’s tiniest communities, which are undisturbed by the outside world.

Let’s get straight to business!

10Easter Island, Chile

We begin our top 10 list with a Polynesian island, located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean.
Best known for its 887 monumental statues called ‘moai‘, Eastern Island was named a World Heritage Site, in 1995.

It is one of the most isolated inhabited islands in the world.
The nearest inhabited land with 50 residents is Pitcairn Island, 2.075 kilometers away.

The nearest town with a population over 500 is Rikitea, located on island Mangareva, 2.606 kilometers away and the nearest continental point is in central Chile, 3.512 kilometers away.

In 2012, Easter Island’s population rested at just 5.761. Population density is of only 35 inhanbitants per square kilometer.

Most Isolated Communities on Earth  Top 10 10. Easter Island, Chile
Most Isolated Communities on Earth Top 10 10. Easter Island, Chile
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