15 Limiting Beliefs & How to Succeed beyond Them

12 September 2021

If You Want to Be Successful, You’ll Have to Get past the Beliefs That Limit You. Here’s How to Do That.

If the world we live in is a simulation, self-belief is the cheat-code!

Too many people have been brought up with limiting beliefs that are stopping them from greatness.

You might be one of them!

We are what we believe ourselves to be!

And the world rewards us in proportion to that belief!

We want you to keep this in mind in today’s Sunday Motivational article!

As always, here is the video version of this article:

So here are 15 Limiting Beliefs & How to Succeed Beyond Them.


I Am Not Good Enough, Smart Enough, Pretty Enough, Talented Enough

This is the most classical definition of impostor syndrome, this idea that: I am not enough!

If you look up the definition of the impostor syndrome you will find the following:

[impostor syndrome noun]

the persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s own efforts or skills.

Here’s the deal: The only way to stop feeling like an impostor is to stop thinking like an impostor.

Wing it! If you were to play the role of this persona, how would they behave and then do that. It’s all a role. Once you do it, you are free to separate feelings from facts. 

We are not what we believe we are, we are what we do!

So Nike your way into your personal success: just do it! Do it poorly if you must, and see what happens. Once you’re done doing it, you’ll realise you’re actually the kind of person that is able to do this.

There’s one big secret that separates those who do from those who never make it:

Those who make it are willing to do it poorly, while the rest aren’t willing to do it at all!

Growth and improvement comes from momentum. If things aren’t the way they should be where you are you need to start moving and build that momentum.


Life Is Hard

Sometimes… but not always! Actually life is pretty balanced! You get some easy and then you get some hard.

The duality between those two allows for progress and enjoyment. You’ve heard it many times before that you can not enjoy the good times if you don’t experience the bad ones.

But this self-belief that life is continuously hard, that you have to perpetually struggle until the day you die is one of the worst limiting beliefs we’ve encountered.

These people believe there isn’t more to life than hardship, there can’t be.. At least for them. 

So what do they do? They accept it as an unequivocal truth and then proceed to live their lives as if it was set in stone that they must suffer.

For them, the suffering has been bestowed upon them by the universe or their God and who are they to change the laws of a God?

For everyone else, how hard life is is a choice. We have the power in our hands to determine how hard we wish our life to be. Make your life hard voluntarily, make you life hard now, with the purpose of it being easier in the future.

Your actions today should ripple a better outcome at a later date; but not every action sets that kind of ripple effect in the future. 

Life is hard if you approach it as Sisyphus, but there’s a different kind of hard life where you approach it like Noah building the ship. It might be hard, people will laugh at your efforts, but you will reap the benefits later. We all know the flood is inevitable, so build your vessel! 

These are words for those of you who have the clear ears to listen.

Your life might be hard now, but if you choose the right kind of hard it won’t be for long!

Even if you are not ready for the day, it can not always be night!


I Am Too Old/ I Am Too Young – I Am Not Ready

This limiting belief is actually the fear of success.

You justify your inaction by placing a limitation the world doesn’t actually care for. Yes, you might not be able to open a bank account in your own name until you’re 18, but a parent can help you out with that.

Colonel Sanders started KFC, the most famous fried chicken franchise in the world, at the age of 65 and you’re out there in your 40s and 50s thinking the game is over.

We never believed in the too young or too old mentality, because the world rewards you based on action, not based on age. The world right now couldn’t care less about your age as long as you solve a problem for them. 

We live in a result oriented world where your ability to perform is the only thing your success will be measured on!

You might think you are not ready yet and need a bit more time to prepare yourself for what’s coming, but you know how you become ready? Start when you’re not. Try it out! 

The first rule of learning to ride a bike is to get on a bike!

Yes you might fall a couple of times, it’s part of the process, but eventually you’ll get it.

Nobody went to school to learn to ride a bike, sure the tutorials help, but the difference between learning to ride it or not doesn’t lie in the education part, but in the practice part.

You’re not too old, you’re not too young… you’re more than ready to take action NOW! 

It will dramatically accelerate the process! Don’t wait!


Others Are Better than Me 

This is the perfectionist inside of you talking.

This limiting belief spurs from the negative habit of comparing ourselves to others as a measure of our ability. 

Guess what: YES, there are people better at this than you! Statistically speaking, you will never be the absolute best, but that has nothing to do with the quality of your life moving forward.

Stop thinking in terms of podiums, you’re not in the olympics, you’re trying to start a side business so you don’t have to put up with the office drama.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who are doing really well despite not being the absolute best.

You’re not shooting for perfection, you’re shooting for progress!

As yourself:

Are you better today than you were yesterday?

Good! Keep that going!

You have your own lane, you have your own race with your own finish line. You’re not all running at the same speed, some people are springing, some are running long distances, so comparing your rhythm with others just because they might be in your vicinity is a sure way to set yourself up for failure!


I Can’t Learn Anything New, I Don’t Have the Brains for It

SO you’re thinking you might not be smart enough because back in highschool you weren’t one of the few sitting in the front row getting pets on the back by an unsatisfied with her life teacher huh… and that’s how you decided to measure your ability to get ahead in life…

You know that once you go into the real world, the kids sitting in the front are working for the kids sitting in the back!

A students end up working for C students, because the real-world grades performance differently. 

You might have failed chemistry, but we’re pretty sure there are some things in your life where you know more than everybody else. These are the things you’re passionate about, that you research on your own. What for you seems like play, for everyone else seems like a lot of work.

C students are actually super-learners, but they learn different things. They know stats of the players on their favorite team, they know cars, they know specifics in industry and niches you’d never even heard of. 

School judges the fish on its ability to climb a tree and calling it stupid. Screw that!

Everyone who’s successful has mastered the art of learning. The same way you learn all the drama in your favorite tv show, you can learn anything. But you’ve never approached learning like this.

Business people and everyone who’s successful learns in a completely different way than everyone else. There’s actually a secret way to do it. 

This unique framework allows your mind to expand and absorb knowledge a lot quicker and not just surface level stuff. It allows you to build their minds the same way they build their business, that’s how they stay focused, creative and able to come up with all those incredible solutions that push their personal and professional lives forward.

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In order to overcome your limiting beliefs and actually start taking the right kind of actions, you will need to learn new skills and use these to get what you want!


Rich People Are Evil

Here’s the thing:

You will never become what you hate!

If you think successful people are bad, you will never become one.

If you think successful people got lucky, you will never become successful because you’re obviously not a lucky person.

Rich people aren’t evil. They had a different education than you did, and by education we don’t mean school. Instead they learned how the market works, how money flows and how to be part of that chain.

The way to overcome this limiting belief is to understand the following golden rule of money:

You are not paid based on effort, but based on results!

Just because you worked more on something doesn’t mean you should be paid more for it.

The only way to increase your pay is to increase the value of the outcome. We are paid in exact proportion to our contributions!

If you want to get rid of more misconceptions about the rich, check out 15 Things Poor People Think Rich People Do (That They Actually Don’t).


Nobody Who Started Where I Started Ever Made It

This limiting belief is found in many shapes and sizes. Another common saying is:

“It’s impossible to become rich unless you come from money.”


People have started in way worse conditions than you did and have not only made it out, but transitioned into a life of prosperity and abundance.

Deep down you know this to be true!

You know their names, but probably don’t know their full stories! Some of them were homeless, some of them had to endure pain beyond what you can imagine, but their drive to escape that world was so great they had to do it. And so can you.

Past performance isn’t an indicator of future performance! You learn that trading stocks, but it definitely applies to life. Just because your beginnings in life were painful, it doesn’t mean you’re destined to live a life of pain. 

Even if you don’t personally know anybody who made it starting where you did, it’s just a matter of time until someone will, so why not make that person be you. Set the example. Walk the path nobody has walked before and see where it takes you, because you know damn well what staying put will get you!

The only way to change your destiny is to accept that you’re the one determining it!

Then act like it!


Work Is Not Meant to Be Enjoyed

Great rewards require great sacrifices, so you will need to work in higher volumes. 

That’s what people mean when they say you have to work hard. It’s not about carrying stones with you bare hands, instead you have to push beyond what everyone else is pushing in terms of time, effort and brain power.

Nowhere in the life manual says that work should make you miserable. 

The best mix is to go for big goals and do work that is challenging, that requires you to push beyond what you are currently capable of. Nobody wants to play an easy game that everyone can beat. It’s the challenge that’s drawing us in. 

If work isn’t enjoyable it is because you’re doing work that YOU are not enjoying and the feeling you get internally is your soul and brain screaming that you should be doing something else. 

Another common limiting belief about work is this feeling of complete overwhelm.

“I’m overwhelmed. I’ve always felt this way, and I’m going to feel like this forever.”

Start with smaller improvements. Add quality of life to your life. It will not happen all of a sudden.

If you bite more than you can chew, don’t be afraid to cut it up and eat it piece by piece. There’s no point in choking yourself to death when real progress is a viable option!


All Men Are Pigs/ All Women Are Gold Diggers

This is our favorite example of a series of beliefs that generalize large portions of the population based on a very limited sample one has encountered in life.

If all the men you’ve met in your life were A-holes, the common denominator in that equation is you. The problem isn’t ALL MEN, it’s that you’re going after the A-holes expecting different results.

Calm down men, we’re not over yet. On the other side of the coin you have the all women are gold-diggers. This stems from this personal insecurity that you don’t have the girl of your dreams because you lack the financial resources. 

Do you see the irony in it all?

The fat ones want to date the fit ones.

The poor ones want to date the rich ones and so on and so forth.

You need to become a match! Someone the person you’re looking for fits. 

You wanna date Rihanna? Get to Rihanna’s level of fame, power and wealth first. Nobody wants someone who can’t keep up with them. So fix yourself before you rain down your wrath on an entire genre.

Before judging everyone else, make sure you know what you bring to the table and if it isn’t much, maybe work on yourself first and see what happens.


I Don’t Have Enough Time/Money

Depending on where you are in the journey this limiting belief might even be true, but there’s a catch.

The catch is:

You have to pick your limitation: it’s either time or money! It can’t be both!

The baseline is:

If you’re young, you’ve got time and you ain’t got money.

When you get old, you should have money and not have time.

If you don’t have either, you’re in a pickle my friend. 

Now let’s tackle each one so you know what you have to do:

Fundamentally, life is a strategy game. You have a limited amount of resources and you have to use them strategically to complete the mission.

You have 24 hours in a day and the money and tools at your disposal. It’s time to put them to use.

With TIME it’s about minimization of time consumption. How can I get more done in the same amount of time so that I can free some up for other things. The easiest one is sleep. You can cut 1 or 2h of sleep everyday and you’ll get a full day’s of work extra during the week. 

These 7-14 hours could be deployed towards health, learning, happiness or even generating more income. 

With MONEY, it’s about the maximization of return. How can I make more money with the same amount of effort. What should I learn or what tools can I use to increase my output?

Once you begin to think about your limitations this way you realise these are not actually limitations, but a management issue and all management issues can be solved.

That’s why building Learning Mastery has been such a priority for us as it’s teaching you how to learn for specific objectives.


I Can’t Do It Because So-and-So Tried and They Couldn’t Do It

This boils down to the idea that “I’m not as good as them” so why even try.

Not only should you have grasped the idea that you should never compare your journey with that of others, but we are all different, we come from different backgrounds with unique perspectives.

In many of our businesses the breakthroughs have come from creative streetsmarts solutions and not from something we’ve learned in business school.

Never neglect your ability to be creative and find solutions where other people have failed in the past. Give it a real shot and see what happens. 

We all get individual shots and statistically some of those shots will work out in our favor. The worst thing you can do is deny the entry in the first place.

80% of success in life is continuously showing up!

Time and time again, do not give up. Get up, try your best, learn why you failed, improve and try again. 

You shouldn’t quit the gym just because you went once and you didn’t get a 6-pack… so don’t quit your dreams because the first time you tried it you didn’t get your dream results. Trust the process and continuously improve on your condition until you get there.


I Am Not Worthy of Love

Or that you’re scared of getting hurt or hurting someone else. 

“I don’t want to get close to this person, what if my heart gets broken…”

Life is about trying things. It’s the same with finding your passion, your happiness, the love of your life or your favorite food. 

You have to risk a bad meal in order to find the really good ones!

When it comes to being worthy of love the approach is different.

We receive what we ask of life!

The paradox is: if you think you are unworthy of love, the world will react appropriately and nobody will love you. 

It’s the trauma of the past that got you to feel like this and until you fix that one you will not be able to move forward.

You feel love inside of you so make it come out. Put love out into the world and keep adding wood to that internal fire. People are drawn to the energy we put out. Find things you like about yourself, even the smallest ones and built on top of them.

Don’t be too proud to reach out to a professional and help you heal the wounds of the past. For years you put a bandaid on top of a wound that didn’t heal and now you’re wondering why it’s festering with puss. 

Fix yourself and then you’ll find that the world has been waiting for you.


I’ll Never Have Enough Money to Live the Life I Want to Live

Well… not with that attitude Michelle! 

The problem with this type of statements is that they close the door. It’s a definitive answer, it give no room for development. You’ve drawn your conclusion and that’s just how life is going to be moving forward.

With most of these self-limiting beliefs it’s usually a matter of changing your perspective on things and thus changing your actions.

Instead of saying “I’ll never have enough money to live the life I want to live” ask yourself:

What would have to happen for me to have enough money to live the life I wish I lived”

And then begin digging deeper:

What exactly does it mean to live the life I want to live? 

What is that like? Where do I live? What do I do for a living? How much do I earn? What is my schedule like? 

Then take a look at what you already have and begin drawing a line from here to there. Now you’ve got a challenge up and running. Your life has purpose.

That’s why we call them “limiting beliefs” because it limits the belief that life can get better.


Only Stupid People Are Happy

This one goes out there to the rick&morty, fedora-wearing, 4chan fans who think their intellect is superior when in fact it’s all just surface level superficial knowledge.

This is why the Big Bang Theory got so big. They made you think that just because you understand the jokes on the tv show you’re a lot smarter than everyone else… well, the truth is almost everyone gets the jokes. They’ve been playing with you!

This limiting belief that only stupid people can be happy because the more intellectual you are the more you understand the world around you – or in simpler terms: ignorance is bliss – has gotten the weaker soul to belief that knowledge is a curse and they will never be happy.

So here comes the million dollar question:

If you’re so smart.. Why aren’t you happy?!

How come that big brain of yours is unable to solve happiness for you?

The more you think about it, the more you realise there are ways to get to happiness from an intellectual perspective.

Removing the limiting belief that you can’t have the cake and eat it too.. – another stupid analogy, because that’s the reason people buy cake in the first place so that they eat it afterwards.

In terms of happiness, there’s a really good book that we recommend called: SOLVE FOR HAPPY, written by Google’s CBO, Mo Gawdat – a high level engineer who approached the problem as a software issue.

If you go to alux.com/freebook and sign up to audible, you can get the audiobook for free.


There Isn’t Enough for Everybody

It’s the concept of scarcity. You believe that the world is limited. You believe that it’s even selfish of yourself to want more!

Last Sunday we talked about why average people hate successful people and how this point is a core mistake mediocre people make when understanding the abundance that this world has to offer. If you haven’t watched that video we strongly recommend you do so, it’s quite illuminating and different. 

If you think there isn’t water beyond the mountain, you’ll never make the journey to see it for yourself, but once you do, you’ll realise there are no limits to it, for beyond the mountain there’s a spring. You can drink as much as you want and there will still be more left.

Through innovation you can have water in the desert, you can take it out of thin air and still have something to drink.

You see, we’re not limited by physical resources, we’re actually limited by our ability to generate solutions!


And that’s one hell of an idea to ask you guys: What is one limiting belief that you overcame? Let’s take this conversation into the comments, because we’re damn sure every one of you had to push through some of them!

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