The L’Oréal’s New Makeup App Will Blow Your Mind!

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The L’Oréal’s New Makeup App Will Blow Your Mind!

Have you heard about the L’Oréal’s New Makeup App?

Technology is part of our lives now. And more and more brands are using the high-tech to get more customers.

The French make-up company is not an exception.

They launched Makeup Genius the perfect app for a stylish girl.

Makeup Genius is an app that allows you to try over 300 color cosmetics from its virtual pallets.

It basically turns your iPhone or iPad camera into a make-up mirror.

The perfect mirror for you, your own magic mirror.

The app points out 64 places on your face. It works on all ethnicities and allows for 400 lighting situations.

L'Oréal's New Makeup App
L'Oréal's New Makeup App

I know what you’re going to say is not the first make-up app why is so special? Because is the instant nature of make-up and its Do It Yourself style.

Why they launched such an app?

Because in a world where you wear what you buy, to have the ability to try the product, is essential, crucial for women’s survivor.

This app will buy the beauty brands lots of extra points and new customers.

The price for the app is known yet. But I think it will be a free app. Plus you’ll have this amazing app which helps you a lot and all for free.

L'Oréal's New Makeup App
L'Oréal's New Makeup App

We believe that the app will have a major impact over the US and not only.

Beauty stores will be installing the L’Oreal’s Makeup Genius app and that will be a grand help for you in deciding what color you should try next.

The L'Oréal's New Makeup App Will Blow Your Mind!
The L’Oréal’s New Makeup App Will Blow Your Mind!

From now on you won’t be buying wrong products anymore this app will be the future.

I’m telling you that.

Also if you go into a store you can run the codes on the app and see if the colors match your eyes.

Watch Zoe and Blake talking about the app!


The date of the launching is unknown yet. We’ll be back with details as soon as we get them.

Stay tuned thought. It will be worth it.

The L’Oréal brand knows its business and we are sure they will do just fine in this area too.

What do you think about The L’Oréal’s New Makeup App? Would you be on the waiting list for the download?

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