10 Best Luxury Tech for the Modern Home

12 December 2020

Life Is Too Short to Live Without Luxury Tech in the Modern Era. Here’s a Top-10 List of Products Worth Buying.

Welcome back Aluxers. This one’s for any of you out there looking to do some last-moment Christmas shopping for somebody who’s really worth splashing out on. Or for any of you planning to buy something in the new year that’s sure to turn heads when you’ve got visitors around. Or if you just want to keep up to date with that latest luxury tech trends for the modern home.

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Here’s our pick of the best luxury tech for the modern home. 


Samsung’s the Frame 75 Inch ($2000)

There are TVs that look like a black rectangle on the wall when they’re not being used. And then there’s Samsung’s The Frame. When it’s turned off, it goes into art mode — and turns into a work of art. And it uses QLED lighting instead of a backlight — which means it really does look like a canvas, and not just a TV with the screensaver on.

It comes with a no-gap wall mount, which makes it sit snug against the wall, with the hardware stored in a Bluetooth-enabled box you can place nearby. All of that means that if you put one on your wall among a bunch of paintings, visitors will have trouble working out which one’s the TV. 

When it comes to selecting a work of art to display, the Frame comes with 3 months free on the Samsung Art Store. That’s a lot of high-quality art to choose from. Of course, when you’re actually using it as a TV, it boasts high quality 4K resolution and great sound. And it works really well for gaming too.


Kohler Dtv+ Digital Shower Interface ($1200)

What, you didn’t know digital showering is a thing? Well, if the concept’s new to you, you’re missing out. No matter how good your personal hygiene, it’s time to start getting clean in style. And luxury. 

The Kohler DTV+ Digital Shower Interface gives you an incredible sensory experience while you’re standing in the shower. Use the touchscreen — of course, it’s completely waterproof — to customize water pressure and temperature, and select your preferred lighting and steam levels. And it will also play your favorite playlist. Of course, it will remember your favorite settings. Not just for you, but for everybody in the family, as it’s got six pre-set modes.

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Smart Mirror 

Maybe you thought a mirror was just a piece of reflective glass you use for looking at yourself. Just like a couple of decades ago people thought phones were just for talking into. Well just like phones did, mirrors are going digital.

If healthy lifestyle is what you’re going for, you may want a Mango Mirror ($500). It connects to Apple Health or Fitbit. And when you approach it, it will display the latest stats on your sleep, weight, exercise and calories and give you some health tips for today. And even inspirational quotes to give you that extra bit of encouragement. You access all that information with your voice and the motion sensor. No buttons to push, so you won’t leave any fingerprints. And to clear up any privacy concerns, there’s no camera in it.

Or if you want just the right conditions for personal grooming — plus some really cool lighting, the Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror  ($1065) might be for you. It’s also voice-activated, hands-free and camera free. It gives you the optimal brightness for shaving, putting on makeup, or any grooming activity. As well as the voice activated lights, it also has a nightlight that turns on when you’re close by. It’s Alexa-enabled so it will also give you updates on news, weather or traffic, let you put items on your shopping list and play your favourite playlists.


Smart Oven 

Maybe 2020’s the year you suddenly started doing a lot more home-cooking. And if you’re still haven’t quite those culinary skills up to scratch, or are just too busy, a smart oven will take the effort out of it.  

June – The Intelligent Oven ($1000) cooks restaurant-quality meals. You just put the food in. The built-in camera identifies what’s inside and can give recommendations on how to cook it. The programmes constantly update based on customer feedback. 

Or there’s the Brava Brava ($1100), a smart cooker which cooks using light. Six high-powered halogen lamps do the heating. Again, cameras do the job of figuring out what the food is, and there’s a thermometer you insert in the food, so the oven knows when it’s done to perfection. There are three zones, which can cook three types of food at the same time. 


Canister Cocktail Maker 

If smart cookers dispense with the effort and skills when it comes to cooking — what about something that does that for cocktails? Well guess what — that’s next on our list. Choose from one of these and you’ll get some seriously fancy drinks with zero experience with a shaker required.

First up, There’s Bartesian ($350). It comes with four canisters. You fill these with base drinks — rum, gin, vodka and tequila, and keep the water reservoir topped up. Then add one of Bartesian’s proprietary mixture capsules which contain the rest of the ingredients. Just push a button, and out comes the cocktail. Bartesian has around 30 cocktails on the menu, and is growing. And the unit even gives glassware suggestions —to make sure your presentation’s as perfect as the drink itself.

Or you could go quite a bit further upmarket, with the Soma Bar ($4895). It uses a similar idea to Bartesian — and comes with a tablet to programme it. This one has six liquid cannisters you fill with ingredients. And Soma Bar insists that fill it with quality ingredients only — no cocktail pods here. And it also keeps track of volumes in the cannisters to make sure you never run dry. Based on the ingredients you’ve loaded it tells you what cocktails it can make — which you can order by voice command.

We’re not sure how many serious bartenders would approve of the idea. But if you’re making cocktails for guests, these will sure save you time, and do the job in seconds. 


Wireless Charging Table

Why just have a coffee table when you can have a table that charges your phone and other devices — as well as looking stylish. And that bit more stylish when there’s no need for any clumsy cables. 

There’s the FurniQi Side Table ($200). It’ll charge any device that allows wireless charging. And it has laser engraving so you can see exactly where to place your phone. The laser engraving also means you can see where to put your phone when it’s dark.

Or for a table with even more multitasking potential, there’s the the iStar Wireless Charging Smart Table ($200). Any phone that’s capable of wireless charging will charge on it. It’s easily portable. And it doubles as a 360-degree surround sound speaker. 

And did we forget to mention? If you really want to, you can just use these as coffee tables too.


Irobot Roomba s9+ ($1400)

There are those who say that doing the vacuuming is therapeutic. But for everybody else — why go to all that effort when you can get a robot to do the hard work for you? There are quite a few on the market now, but we’re going for the brand that made robotic vacuuming famous — the iRobot Roomba. And their most upmarket model is the S9+.

It has sensors and camera-based navigation that allow it to learn its way around your home. It beats previous Roomba models in its ability to reach difficult areas. In its suction power — which is four times more than any other Roomba. It’s more compact than previous models, at 12.3 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches tall. And it even empties its own dustbin.


Sleep Number 360 i10 Smart Bed ($5100)

If you and your significant other have trouble agreeing on the softness or firmness of the mattress, you might be in need of a Sleep Number bed. They pioneered the luxury tech that allows you to adjust how firm it is. And better still, both of you can adjust it to different levels. 

But their premium model, the 360 i10, goes well beyond that, and is well worthy of the title of smart bed. It tracks your movements, heartbeat and breathing to adjust its firmness, temperature and position until your comfort levels are perfect for you. It also gives you feedback on your sleep patterns, with a Sleep IQ score. And it uses that to make lifestyle recommendations. 

If you want to adjust anything yourself, you can do that with the remote. And perhaps the most impressive part… Whenever your partner’s snoring, you can make subtle adjustments to their mattress position to make the snoring stop. Without your partner waking up, or knowing anything about it.


Smart Thermostat 

And of course, to be sure that every room in your home is just the right temperature — and save energy when you’re out. There’s the Google Nest Thermostat ($214). This will automatically set your preferred temperature at any time of the day. It uses weather updates and learns your temperature preferences to make sure your home’s always at that sweet spot when you’re in — and saving energy when you’re out.

Or the Tado Thermostat ($230), which uses the same principle, but also works with floor heating systems, to make sure the floor’s exactly as warm as it needs to be.  


Wine Storage System

You’ve got everything else covered. What’s that final touch still missing form your hi-tech, super-luxury home? Of course, a smart wine storage system, to keep your wine stored at just the right temperature. And pour it for you too. 

Plum ($2500) uses a camera to identify your wine from the label. And keeps 2 bottles, each at exactly the right temperature and pressure, using argon storage to keep it fresh for up to 90 days.

Or you could go really upmarket and invest in a Dacor Wine Discovery Station ($5000) which does the same for 4 bottles — again, each stored at the optimum temperature and pressure. 


Which of these pieces of luxury tech do you most want for your home?