Top 15 Millionaires of Formula 1 Gran Prix

14 November 2016

We have been watching Formula 1 races for decades. But how well do we know the people behind the sport? Take a look at these top fifteen millionaires of Formula 1.

While our last weekend’s Brazilian Gran Prix hangover still last, let us remind you of the men who are making it possible. These millionaires of Formula 1 are the people behind the actions, such as Max Verstappen‘s superb penultimate race we just witnessed.

These people are not new faces in this world’s most expensive sport. They have been or were around for decades. And throughout those times, they contributed in this world class motorsport big time.

We are not talking about the drivers behind the wheel here, but the people behind the business. If you want to know about the richest Formula 1 driver, you can read it on the highest-paid F1 driver article.

And these important people behind F1 may not get the most TV expose, but they are as important as those good looking drivers you support on the race track. We ranked them based on their estimated net worth. So, enjoy!

15. Christian Horner (Estimated net worth: $7.5 million)

Top 15 Millionaires of Formula 1 Gran Prix | #15. Christian Horner (Estimated net worth: $7.5 million)
Top 15 Millionaires of Formula 1 Gran Prix | #15. Christian Horner (Estimated net worth: $7.5 million) | source: youtube.com

I would kill to work for someone as cool as Christian Horner, in a team as cool as Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team. Christian has been the team principal since 2005, when he was the youngest Formula 1 team principal ever. Prior to that, he was a racing driver himself for Formula 3000.

His team-managing skill has been spotted even since he was a driver. In 1997, he founded his own team, the Arden team. Then after two years of competing in Formula 3000, he decided to retire from driving and focus on developing his team.

Long story short, he found his way to Formula 1 Gran Prix, when Red Bull appointed him as the team principal after taking over the Jaguar F1 team. Since then, Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team has been one of the top contenders in Formula 1 despite not being a factory team such as Mercedes and Ferrari.

As a team principal, Christian Horner is making around £2.6 million a year to be added to his $7.5 million of estimated net worth. Christian and his wife, Geri Halliwell of Spice Girls, are expecting their first child together.

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