Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks in the World

16 January 2015


How expensive are the most expensive alcoholic drinks in the world?

How much would you pay for a drink? For the delight of your taste buds would you spend millions of dollars?

Decorated with diamonds, designed by famous people, covered with crystals, distilled for 6 years these drinks deserve their title of the Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks in the world.

On thing though, you have to remember that excessive alcohol consumption may cause major health issues, so drink but not that much- have limits.

Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks On Earth

#10 Legacy by Angostura – $25,000

You already know that the rarest the drink, the higher the price. This is just the case, doesn’t really matter that the world is full of drinks, if it’s rare, then it has to be more expensive.

This drink is valued at $25,000. The rum mixture called Legacy by Angostura was specially crafted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Trinidad and Tobago’s independence.

You remembered that, didn’t you? It’s true; we talked about this drink before. It is one of the most expensive rums in the world.

With only 20 bottles of this rum produced in 2013 for the global distribution, this rum is quite a rarity. Which is why it has the astonishing price.

But wait. Each bottle of rum comes in a case and crystal decanter that was designed specifically by Angostura of London. It is the same company that designs jewelry for Prince Charles.

Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks in the World #10 Legacy by Angostura – $25,000
Most Expensive Alcoholic Drinks in the World #10 Legacy by Angostura – $25,000 |via: luxurystnd.com|
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