Most Expensive Bagel In The World

30 April 2014

Most Expensive Bagel In The World

If you are a bagel lover and you are wondering which is the most expensive bagel in the world, you are in the right place.

Because today we are talking about the world’s costliest bagel.

Often called the most popular snack in Manhattan, bagels are an easy and rather cheap way to calm your hunger.

They can be either a morning breakfast along with a cup of coffee, or maybe an afternoon lunch with some cheese and salad, but anyway, they are quite inexpensive.

Not the bagel I will present you, though. This is no ordinary bagel, this is the most expensive bagel in the world!

How pricey can a bagel get, you must wonder. Let’s have a look and you will find out!

Most Expensive Bagel In The World

What if I told there is a bagel out there that costs $1000? You probably wouldn’t believe me.

But it is true. The New York’s Westin Hotel’s executive chef Frank Tujague can make your meal luxurious and expensive in the same time with just one bagel.

But it’s not so simple as it seems. The fancy bagel has white truffle cream-cheese shmear and goji berry infused Riesling jelly with golden leaves.

Now its outstanding price does make some sense, right? The white truffle is the second most expensive food in the world, and the goji berry are quite pricey as well due to their healthy attributes.

“Bagels are a New York food landmark, which is where the base for this dish came from. White truffles are a simple, quality ingredient that takes the meal, or the bagel in this case, to the next level”

Let’s see how the bagel looks!

Most Expensive Bagel In The World
Most Expensive Bagel In The World – $1000

It does seem quite glamorous, doesn’t it?

Executive chef Tujague, the creator of this bagel masterpiece, said:

“I wanted to create something that speaks to New York, and is also a reflection of my culinary passion for seasonality and fine ingredients”

The bagel was partly designed to help raise money for the Les Amis d’Escoffier Scholarship, for people who are studying culinary arts.

“By giving back a portion of the proceeds, we are inspiring future chefs to think outside the box and maximize culinary creativity.”

World’s most expensive bagel was available during winter, because it was a seasonal offer.

Most Expensive Bagel In The World
So what do you say? Would you prefer one of these simple and cheap bagels above, or would you spend $1000 on a high-end bagel?

I have to admit, I am rather curious how the extravagant bagel tastes like.

This was the Most Expensive Bagel In The World!

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