Most Expensive Barbie Collectibles

10 October 2014

Most Expensive Barbie Collectibles | TOP 10

Can you guess which ones are the most expensive Barbie Collectibles? Take a look and find out if your guess was right.

Here you not only will find the most expensive Barbie Dolls, but also some of their accessories.

This legendary toy icon is taken to an entire new level in this top 10 world’s costliest collectibles. These are no toys for you daughter that end up in a box and are left there. People fight over and big huge amounts of money on some of this items in the same manner they do for pieces of fine art.

From accessories to complete pieces the prices are mind boggling so let’s dive into them!

10. Barbie Brass Compact (1959) – $330-$1500

On the tenth number we have a Barbie brass compact from the Roman Holiday Collection. If you ever happen to find a doll like that, you found a gold mine.

This doll was only sold for one year, in a variety of brass compacts which can sell between $330 and $1500, depending on their condition.

Those in the great shape are known to fetch nearly $2000 in the past.

But even if the condition isn’t all that great, there are buyers that still want it. Have you seen one of these dolls around? Would you like to?

10. Barbie Brass Compact (1959) – $330-$1500 (via rubylane.com) Most Expensive Barbie Collectibles
10. Barbie Brass Compact (1959) – $330-$1500 (via rubylane.com)
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