Top 10 Most Expensive Bathtubs in the World

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Top 10 Most Expensive Bathtubs in the World

How would you like to take a bath in one of the most expensive bathtubs in the world? If that is what your heart desires we have put together your best options!

So far we’ve featured plenty of incredibly luxurious homes here on Ealuxe with really expensive furniture or items on display. In this article we’re diving in what the ultra rich choose to have as their center piece of the bathroom.

When you have millions to spend it just seems natural to increase the comfort of your life as much as possible and what better way to relax and doze off that with a luxurious bath?

Let’s get right into it! Here are the world’s 10 most expensive and luxurious bathtubs money can buy!

10.Le Cob Glass Bathtub – Price: $34,000

Designed by Joseph Licciardi, this bathtub is a little bit unusual because it features transparent sides.

In a day and age where intimacy is highly overrated this item definitely fits in.

Composed from glass, acrylic and metal, outlines a modern and minimalist design. The curved plate, perfectly bends your body to a relaxing position making your bath even more enjoyable.

If that wasn’t enough, at one end the edge is slightly lower mimicking the look and feel of an infinity pool. The extra water calmly drops down on a bed of pebbles which your feet will thank you for once you get out.

Simple yet beautiful, this bathtub will definitely add an edge to  any bathroom. Feel free to visit the Omvivo website for more of their creations!

Most Expensive Bathtubs in the World

Most Expensive Bathtubs in the World

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