10 Most Expensive Cakes Ever Sold

13 November 2015

N5. Luxury Bridal Show Cake- $20 Million

Priced at $20 million, the next cake is one of those Luxury Bridal Show Cakes.

As many of you know, every year, the Luxury Bridal Show in Beverly Hills gets more and more extravagant and better.

But in 2006 was their top year. They decided to incorporate an extremely expensive cake to go along with the wedding-themed event.

Designed by Nahid Parsa, the cake, the piece of art included gold flakes and many, many diamonds throughout the entire pastry.

Just like I just said, another desert made with real diamonds.

Whether or not it was for sale, or if it had essentially sold during the show, we don’t know.

10 Most Expensive Cakes Ever Sold
10 Most Expensive Cakes Ever Sold
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