Most Expensive Domain Names

13 September 2014

9.Porn.com – $9.5 million

What did you expect? Of course there’s a pornography website on the list!

But man, there’s been some scandal regarding the transaction for this website! Porn.com was sold in 2007 for 9.5 million dollars, but apparently the domain was said to be stolen.

MXN Limited, the company who filed the complaint, bought the domain back in 2007 for even more than 9.5 million dollars!

All in all, the domain escrow firm that took care of the transaction states that:

The sale is the largest all-cash domain transaction in history. It is the second largest domain sale overall after Sex.com, which sold for reportedly US $12 million in cash and stock during a private sale in January 2005.

most expensive domain names
most expensive domain names
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