Most Expensive Movie Sets Ever Made

20 April 2015

Most Expensive Movie Sets Ever Made

It is time to find out which ones are the most expensive movie sets ever made!

If you are a movie addict such as myself, this article will bring you joy.

Everyone knows that making movies is an expensive thing to do, especially if you want your movie to be successful.

And so, there are costs all the way throughout production, from paying screenwriters to create a script, hiring a crew, getting the equipment you need, and paying the stars of the films.

But there will always be unannounced costs that will make your budget go up. Plus, you need a catering crew, insurance and of course, the post-production.

When the movie is done shooting it goes in post-production where the special effects are created and added to the picture, moving it from raw footage into the final finished product.

And where do you put the money required to build the sets for the film.

But the technology available nowadays can come in handy and will allow you to create anything you want, and the detailed sets are becoming less and less problematic for filmmakers.

The filmmakers can instead get the perfect look using computer generated images or/and green screen.

In this list, the case of green screens doesn’t apply. The directors often need to rely on building sets in meticulous detail in order to give the illusion that the movie is taking place in fantastic and/or exotic environments and locations.

And for you to have the best experience possible, the directors may often chose to go for a physical set rather than a fully digital one for artistic reasons.

In many of these cases, the construction of sets can be particularly expensive or elaborate.

 10. Matrix Reloaded

We begin our list with one of the most famous films out there: Matrix Reloaded.

The film has been a masterpiece and a point of inspiration for many films that came up after it. The second film of the trilogy kept us in awe once again.

For a better experience for the audience, the directors, The Wachowski Brothers, spent quite a lot on physical sets.

When you consider the vast amounts of special effects and computer generated images that were used throughout all movies, the trilogy spend quite much on the sets.

A large part of the budgets of the films are used to create large and detailed sets, and the Matrix trilogy wasn’t an exception.

At the time, the sets from the Matrix Reloaded were the biggest and most complex, because of the complex shoot and the need to film over a long period of time, the scene needed to be shot on a real road, so the crew built their own. At a cost of $2.5 million.

The road was built on an old disused military base with thousands of tons of concrete. It was a mile and a half long and came with 19-foot walls and an off ramp.

Once the movie was finished the road was then dismantled and 90% of the materials, including wood, metal and plastics were recycled.

Most Expensive Movie Sets Ever Made
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