Most Expensive Musical Instruments | Top 10

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Most Expensive Musical Instruments | Top 10

A true fan of music should know which are the world’s most expensive musical instruments. And Ealuxe gives you a helping hand!

If you’ll want to pursue a career in this business, then you should know how expensive it can be.
Lessons, coaching, and not to mention, equipment.

To find the perfect instrument with the right tone can cost large amounts of money. Musicians say the cost is worth it. We think the same.

Ealuxe makes your job easier and we’ll present the 10 best and costliest musical instruments. Let’s get started!

10Gennaro Gagliano’s Violoncello – $362.500

We begin our top list with this unique artwork.

Gennaro Gagliano’s family had been involved in making string instruments since … forever. It is possible that this item is the only one he ever made.

Despite the fact that there were some initial debates if Gennaro Gagliano did create a violoncello in 1765, the instrument turned out to be indeed a Gagliano creation and was auctioned off in 2009 for $362.500.

Most Expensive Musical Instruments  Top 10 10. Gennaro Gagliano's Violoncello – $362.500
Most Expensive Musical Instruments Top 10 10. Gennaro Gagliano’s Violoncello – $362.500
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