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19 May 2014

#9 Bill Clinton’s Daughter’s Wedding ~ Bill: $5 million

When Chelsea Clinton married the investment banker Marc Mezvinsky in front of the 500 guests everything had to be perfect!

Starting with air-conditioned tents, a wedding dress by Vera Wang and a $11,000 cake!

With everything included the entire event gathered a $5 Million check for the former president, but how many times do you get married these days?

Bill spared no expense and the grand wedding will probably stay in history as one of the most expensive weddings in world history!

Most Expensive Parties Ever Thrown: #9 Bill Clinton's Daughter's Wedding ~ Bill: $5 million
Most Expensive Parties Ever Thrown: #9 Bill Clinton’s Daughter’s Wedding ~ Bill: $5 million

With a $7 Million price tag the following birthday is only #8:

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