Most Expensive Printing Mistakes

14 September 2014

Most Expensive Printing Mistakes | TOP 10

Which ones are the most expensive printing mistakes? Have you figure it out just yet?

When you make a mistake on a print and you notice it right after you made thousands of copies, that mistake will cost you thousands if not millions.

For example, the mistakes from the books, those mistakes that make the book unique and famous among the collectors. Because it has a misspelled title or a comma in minus, the book can go for big bucks among the collectors. Or it cannot go at all.

And there are also misspelled numbers, the numbers that make the difference between low and high price.

The most expensive printing mistakes are…

10. Macy’s Mailer: $450

These guys’ mistake made some people happy. Their mistake was to put $47 on a price tag.

But where is the mistake? The $47 price tag was intended to be $497, but somehow the 9 was left out and the price of the necklace that was originally worth $1,500 suffered important changes.

The necklace was made of sterling silver and 14-carat gold, making some customers very happy about their choice.

However, Macy’s never told the number of necklaces that were sold for the cheapest price, but we can only guess how many people got lucky that day. By any chance were you one of those lucky buyers?

Most Expensive Printing Mistakes  TOP 10
Most Expensive Printing Mistakes TOP 10
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