Most Expensive Rapper Chains

29 November 2014


Rick Ross – 1.5$ Million chain

The first place is held by the famous Rick Ross, the founder of Maybach Music Group and the man who took his stage name after a real gangster.

Known to have an extravagant way of life, which he often shows in his music videos and guest appearances at shows, William Leonard Roberts the second was a correctional officer in the past.

Born in Mississippi and raised in Miami, the rapper was seen often in clubs throwing money at the crowds from club balconies or from his table.

Making music and developing one of the most expensive labels in the industry, Rick Ross also wanted to make a statement when it comes to jewelry.

Besides the watches, the rings and the bracelets all made out of gold and diamonds, he is known to be the proud owner of several chains that have a great value on the market.

But the most impressive one is the chain made out of gold with the pendant of his face.

The guy practically made a cutout of his face and hang it on a chain, making him the most inventive rapper so far, with a unique idea and a large amount of diamonds on his neck.

For the price of 1.5$ million, the rapper got this replica of him and added it to the collection of chains featuring also him.

So besides this chain, he also has a replica of his torso and head and wait for it, the piece is replicating him wearing the same thing.

So Rick Ross just ruled the chain industry with his face sparkling on stage and to top of most of the critics he made another piece, a chain which has a pendant of his torso and head wearing a chain that has the same pendant, but sadly we don’t know the price of it.

#1 Rick Ross 1.5$ million | Most Expensive Rapper Chains | Top 10 | Image Source :thatchainsocrazy.blogspot.com and infectedtube.com
#1 Rick Ross 1.5$ million | Most Expensive Rapper Chains | Top 10 | Image Source :thatchainsocrazy.blogspot.com and infectedtube.com

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