We Ranked the 10 Most Expensive Shoes for Women

1 April 2016

5.Ruby Slippers by Stuart Weitzman – Price: $1,600,000

The famous shoe creator had to pay a tribute the the famous Ruby Slippers, but surely did it in a personal manner!

Encrusted with over 640 Burma rubies on top of an elegant red satin these are far away from being your average “slippers”.

The entire body is made out of half a pound of platinum with a total carat count of 124.

The pair was originally intended to be revealed in 2003 but due to the war in Iraq and the general sober mood the launch was postponed.

Later on they were unveiled at Harrod’s in London and the entire even was a huge success!

top 10 most expensive women's shoes in the world Ruby Slippers by Stuart Weitzman

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