Most Expensive Sofas In The World

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Onyx Sofa By Peugeot – 185.000$

Number two on the list of the most expensive sofas in the world is a custom piece of furniture created in the labs of a big automobile brand.

From the Peugeot Design Labs we bring you another sofa matching the high-end, custom, expensive and luxury specifications.

After the release of a car with lots of horsepower and custom bodywork made out of carbon fiber and copper the guys from Peugeot wanted to show-off a little bit and with the help of a designer created a sofa.

Of course this was a concept design, of the Peugeot Design Lab with furniture designer Pierre Gimbergues, for a hybrid type of furniture.

They kept the fiber carbon from the Onyx Car and added Volvic volcanic lava stone to the design.

With futuristic features, the sofa brings to life a rock formation that stands for the car brand’s history, the resemblance between the car and the rock being of the robustness and the long life of both.

So for 185.000 dollars you could also order this piece of furniture, the first model being presented at the 2014 Milan design week.

#2 Onyx Sofa By Peugeot | Most Expensive Sofas In The World | Top 10 Image Source:
#2 Onyx Sofa By Peugeot | Most Expensive Sofas In The World | Top 10 Image Source:
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