Most Expensive Ties In The World

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Top 10 Most Expensive Ties In The World

Can a tie be the most expensive clothing article that a man can wear? Everything is possible even in the tie industry that’s why the top 10 Most Expensive Ties In The World will most definitely impress you.

After the appearance of ties in the fashion industry, today we find ourselves in the business world were the suit and tie is your calling card.

For the usual business man these two articles are very important but it seems that the tie is the center piece that makes a suit and it’s owner different, making this article of clothing the signature of every business man.

The price of ties may depend on the quality of the fabric and the designer who made it, and in the following we will see what kind of luxury ties we can find out there.

We will see in the following, some of the most famous luxury ties some are connected to royal families and some are made by famous designers.

Let’s take a look at the Top 10 World’s Most Expensive Ties:

10. The “Black Label” Ottoman Tie by Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is the one who start’s this wonderful list with one of his latest collections.

He has an appearance, and gives this formal accessory, the sharpness and the glamour of the brand.

The “Black Label” Ottoman Tie by Ralph Lauren, is a hand-crafted tie in Italy from luxury silk satin, slip-stitched around the interlining to offer a beautiful drape and a smooth even knot for the price of 155$.

So Ralph Lauren is offering the for the wealthy public a simple tie, but for the eye of a “connoisseur” it’s not just a simple tie, it’s a mixture of elegance and simplicity perfect for a formal night.

And perfect for the Most Expensive Ties In The World | Top 10.

Most Expensive Ties In The World world's costliest necktie
Ralph Lauren Black Label Ottoman Tie
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Is the next tie as expensive as the first one? Of course! We are viewing Top 10 Most Expensive Ties in The Word.

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