These Are the Most Expensive Tree Houses in the World!

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These Are the Most Expensive Tree Houses in the World!

How would you like to own one of the most expensive tree houses in the world?

Who doesn’t love tree houses? They’re fun, outdoors and combine comfort with adventure and nature!

A tree houses is a good idea for several reasons. Some poeple want to help save the environment, some live out of traditions and some tree houses were built for the purpose of renting. Everybody wins!

There are some manufacturers that take your usual tree house to luxury standards!

Ealuxe has seen some impressive tree houses, but none so far as these 10 we’re about to present. Let’s get straight to business!

10Feider’s Interior Canopy Tree House – Price:

We start our top 10 list of the costliest tree houses in the world with the Fairder’s Conopy!

Spherical in shape, Feider’s Interior Canopy Tree House is like a paper lantern.
At night, the beautiful tree house glows through the trees.

Manufactured using sustainable materials, Feider’s Canopy features steel cables that are used to make the sphere stable in the trees.

It might look a bit futuristic and it most certainly gets the job done! Round fit as a fiddle, Feider’s tree house is valued at $18.800.

Top 10 Most Expensive Tree Houses in the World - EALUXE | Feider's Interior Canopy Tree House
Feider’s Interior Canopy Tree House via
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