These Are the Most Expensive Vases in the World!

27 May 2015

1Pinner Qing Dynasty Vase – Price: $83 million

Valued at $83 million, the Pinner Qing Dynasty Vase ranks #1 on our top 5 list of the costliest vases in the world!

During the 18th century, Chinese porcelain was under imperial rule.
When the Qing Dynasty succeeded the Ming Dynasty, between 1644 and 1911, there was a time of peace which was reflected in art works too.

Chinese porcelain became then more colorful, and the world’s highest priced vase is the proof.

This vase, described as being made for the Qianlong Emperor, was auctioned in England, in 2010 and the winning bid was more than 50 times the pre sale estimate.

Top 5 Most Expensive Vases in the World - EALUXE.COM  | Pinner Qing Dynasty Vase
Pinner Qing Dynasty Vase via paulfrasercollectibles.com

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