10 Most Intelligent People Alive Today

18 July 2015

10 Most Intelligent People Alive Today

This is the most intelligent people list and you will be amazed!

The brain is the most secretive part of the human body. It is the most vital part of our system, but what is actually with the brain that makes people seem to be so clever? Some call them aberrations but other calls them abilities.

There are a lot of gifted people all around the world. We are only left astonished and interested to find out who the cleverest people in the world are.

Have you ever wondered who is the smartest person in the world? Here is your answer! Keep reading!

10 Stephen Hawking

If Stephen Hawking is ranked 10th on our list, can you imagine who smart is the person ranked 1st?

But until then, let’s talk about Stephen. The theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author, Stephen Hawking is one of the most intelligent people on the planet.

Born in Oxford, England he has demonstrated himself as the most gifted person many times. Currently facing paralyses, the cosmologist has never failed to impress everyone with his 160 IQ.

But his impressive IQ level has made him evolve beyond his paralysis. His Science and Cosmology input is unmatched as he has efficiently used quantum mechanics and the famous theory of relativity in making an summary of cosmology to individuals all around the world.

10 Most Intelligent People Alive Today
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