Most Profitable Film Studios in Hollywood

5 December 2014

10 Most Profitable Film Studios in Hollywood

Did you know that these are the 10 Most Profitable Film Studios in Hollywood?

We know how much you like to watch films and TV series. We thought we should save you some trouble and have listed the 10 most profitable film studios in Hollywood.

It is known that Hollywood is the place where the most popular, famous and successful films are produced. This is why Hollywood studios are extremely wealthy.

Let’s find out which studio has the greatest films!

10) The Weinstein Company (TWC) – $181,726,400

10) The Weinstein Company (TWC) – $181,726,400
10 Most Profitable Film Studios in Hollywood 10) The Weinstein Company (TWC) – $181,726,400 |via: heyuguys|

Number 10 in our list is The Weinstein Company aka TWC. It belongs to two brothers and independent producers, Bob and Harvey Weinstein.

They started the studio in 2005 when they left the Miramax Films,and so far they had a blast releasing some of the most famous films out there.

You might find the company familiar from movies like the Spy Kids, Scary Movie, Scream franchise and The King’s Speech and the hit from 2012- Django Unchained.

At 2012 Academy Awards the studio earn eight Oscars, setting a new record for the studio. Five Oscars were only for The Artist.

TWC’s film division brought in nearly $182 million in 2014.
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