Justin Bieber Net Worth in 2020

How much is Justin Bieber Worth?

$225 million


Canada, United States

March 1, 1994



Justin Bieber Net Worth $225 million

Justin Bieber salary $60,000,000

How much is Justin Bieber net worth and just how much money is he making? Those are usually the questions that go through the heads of most of us every time we open the tv these days since the no-longer kid is everywhere.

The Canadian pop-star has a staggering net worth of $200 Million as of January 2016 and is expected to end the year with well over $250 Million.

With raving fans behind him Justin Bieber earns $50+ Millions per year from album sales, touring, merchandise and product endorsements.

He started playing music at a very early age and although you might not like his personality now, it is clear that he has plenty of talent.

Because he had relatives far away, he began recording his performances and posting them on YouTube. The videos were seen by a high executive at Raymond Braun Group, a fairly new talent and management company in which Usher was a partner.

After being blown away by his performance, Justin was signed with them and that’s how everything started.

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In 2010 he debuted with a two-part album My World and My World 2. In less than 2 months since the first release over 1 million albums had been sold and there was no turning back!

Album after album, it made it to the top of the charts time and time again pumping up Justin’s fame.

justin bieber net worth 2016 how rich is justin bieber wealth fortune money salary per year

Although he now earns over $50 million per year, the team of financial advisers behind Bieber are working their magic well, the pop star making substantial investments in the Silicon Valley Tech Start-Up scene.

Companies like Spot­i­fy, Tinychat, Stamped, Sojo Studios and many more have benefited from a cash-injection for the young superstar. By doing so, Justin joins the elite of the most prominent examples of Hollywood fame that are securing important stakes in technology companies early on. Justin Bieber Net Worth is skyrocketing!

justin bieber net worth 2016 how rich is justin bieber wealth fortune money alux luxury lifestyle
Although Justin Bieber’s net worth 2017 is $200 Million we’re expecting him to go over $250 Million by the end of the year!

Awards after awards, 5 times platinum on his debut album and tens of millions sold since we can only expect his wealth to grow.

As he is maturing he makes sure he tops his financial game as well as his artistic performances. His fans are strongly supporting him no matter what the bad press says about it.

If notoriety is the name of the game, Justin is making sure he’s riding that wave and converting all of it into cash in his pocket!

Although Justin Bieber’s Net Worth  is growing, he isn’t alone sharing the scene of young singer millionaires with Miley Cyrus that has a net worth of $155 Million.

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