Vladimir Putin Net Worth

How much is Vladimir Putin Worth?

Vladimir Putin Net Worth $70 billion

Vladimir Putin salary $150,000

Vladimir Putin Net Worth 2017

Easily considered one of the strongest world leaders we took a look at Vladimir Putin Net Worth 2017 and the number, unsurprisingly, matches the man!

Serving his second term as the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin is a man of mystery currently involved in the “taking back” of the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine.

Although mostly criticized by the rest of the world leaders, Putin leads one of the world’s super powers and is deeply respected contrary to his controversial reputation.

Credited with the “Restructuring of Russia” not only he managed to awaken the Russian Giant but re-earn the respect Russia seemed to have lost in the previous period.

Vladimir Putin Net Worth 2017 How much money does Vladimir Putin have? How rich is Vladimir Putin? How much is Vladimir Putin Worth?
Vladimir Putin Net Worth 2017 | Basic Information

After graduating for law school he was recruited by KGB ( Russian Secret Services ) where he served for over 16 years, slowly but surely advancing his political career.

In 2000 he wins election and moves in as the president of Russia. In the next years Putin has used his power and Russia’s resources to grow both his influence and the economy at this moment controlling over a third of the world’s gas reserves.

Most of the main Gas and Oil previously state-owned companies have been privatized, the president owning a stake in each of the big players.

Vladimir Putin Net Worth 2017 How much money does Vladimir Putin have? How rich is Vladimir Putin? How much is Vladimir Putin Worth?
Vladimir Putin Net Worth | Sources of Wealth

Unofficial sources state that he owns more than the 1.5% of Gazprom, the unofficial numbers being close to 5-7% and other large stakes that have been under written not in his name, which would take Vladimir Putin Net Worth 2017 in the range of $100 Billion making him the richest man in the world at this point.

Vladimir Putin’s Net Worth is the highest among his peers making him the richest president in the world and also the richest politician of them all.

vladimir putin net worth how rich is vladimir putin russian president
Vladimir Putin Net Worth 2017: $70 Billion ( Unofficially even more than that )

With Russia controlling the gas supply to Europe the European Union struggles with Putin’s aggressive economic uprising.

The USA have made their position clear when it comes to the military status of Russia and although Obama’s diplomacy proved to be effective to this point, the United States seem no longer to be superior and growing worries when the Russian army is pressuring Ukraine not to accept the anti-Russian missile defense system they wanted to use as a defense-mechanism versus Russia’s nukes.

Russia’s relationships with China have only grew stronger since Putin’s rise to power the two countries being involved in the largest natural resource transactions in modern times.

Vladimir Putin Net Worth 2017 is on the rise and that is to be expected considering the modernization of Russia under the strict economic policies controlled by the Kremlin.

What do you think about Russia’s economic development and Putin’s position as the world’s richest politician?

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  • Why is Vladimir Putin not counted on the Top 10 Richest people in the world just behind Mark Zuckerberg

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