15 Reasons Why People Buy Infomercial Products

29 September 2020

Haven’t We All at Least Once Looked Down on Those Infomercial Products? Love Them or Hate Them, They Sell.

Is an infomercial too pushy for you?

Are you tired of watching the same old stuff online repetitively?

Are you over hearing the same lame elevator music behind a boring narrator?

Do you long for a channel that’s factual, fun, informative and releases quality content daily?

Introducing Alux.com – where we’re all that and more!

But Aluxers, you’ve got to read now, because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! I mean this website literally sells itself!

But wait, there’s more. If you keep doing exactly what you are, we’ll share 15 reasons why people buy infomercial products!

Anything about infomercials is hardly bearable on video, and if you’re not up for an article about it we get it. Here’s the option #2 – check out our entertaining YouTube upload on the same topic:

With this out of the way, let’s jump right into the reading action and find out the first reason why infomercials work.


It All Began in 1949

Aluxers, this multi-billion-dollar industry is believed to have started in 1949. The world’s first infomercial was for a Vitamix blender to help people make healthier eating choices. Vitamix has been a family business since 1921 and William Grover Barnard, whom everyone called “Papa,” was convinced to take his live demonstration onto the airwaves.

He did this with great success and released an almost 30-minute demonstration about his product. He made a dish comprising of a carrot, raisins, peanuts, an apple, a cucumber, and an egg with its shell!

His sales pitch is booming and convincing and sales went through the roof. He gave out his home phone number, I mean that’s all they had, and he sat beside his bed all night taking order after order. The person connecting the calls would say, “you’ve got 30 people holding on,” and Aluxers, the infomercial was born!

Operators are standing by to take you to number 2!


Infomercials Create an Urgent Response

Infomercials are all about driving action NOW. They don’t want people to think about their purchase decision. Time is money, and wasting precious time thinking about whether or not you need the product will probably lose the sale.

So, the big reason why infomercials work is they create a sense of urgency. If you don’t purchase this amazing deal right away, you will never get this opportunity again!

Direct response marketing is very effective.

The call to action is repeated several times.

The call to action is repeated several times.

The call to action is repeated several times.

@Leanne – just repeat as is, to highlight the repetitiveness of it.

Direct response marketing makes it easy for people to follow through and it’s such an easy way for marketers to manage the effective of the sales.


Infomercials Are Repetitive

The call to action is repeated several times.

Ok, Aluxers, we promise not to say that again… but you get the point.

Who can forget the George Freeman grill?

Did you want beautiful skin like Jessica Simpson?

And omg, didn’t you also want a set of Ginsu steak knives?

The product name sticks in your mind for a lifetime! Infomercial creators excel at hammering the point home!


Viewers Trust the Salesperson

Stephen Leacock, a 19th century humourist once said that advertising is “the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.”

While we should always be sceptical of any kind of advertising, infomercials work because the have trustworthy names endorsing the product. We just mentioned George Freeman and Jessica Simpson? They’re super convincing in the sale of “their” endorsed products.

Pitchmen are the people who sell the product.

“Hi! Billy Mays here for…” Well, pretty much anything! At one stage, the late Billy Mays was the pitchman for 14 different products!

Buyers feel like a friend is telling them about this great product that they must buy! And take Billy Mays as the perfect example, everyone knew of him and trusted him.

It’s Alux here, with another fantastic fact coming up next!


Money Back Guarantee

Aluxers, have you ever bought an infomercial product and actually asked for your money back? If you have, you are in the minority! Most people wouldn’t have even bothered, but it’s still nice to know that if you really think the product is shi*ty, that you could get your money back.

One of the many reasons that people buy infomercial products is that they feel the purchase is less risky, because if it doesn’t work, then they get their money back.

It’s estimated that an infomercial costs anything from $25,000 to $250,000 to produce a 30-minute segment. They would surely make damn sure the product works so that people don’t send them back for a refund, wouldn’t you think?


Solves a Common Problem

Shoppers love to identify with a problem and see the solution, even if the solution means you need to make 2 easy payments of $19.99! You become part of the solution, which is money well spent.

Infomercials lure people in with the “tried and tested” copywriting principle of “Problem – Agitate – Solve.”

If the product solves a problem, marketers use that to their advantage. They reveal the problem, they identify with it, and then they highlight further problems if that specific problem is not solved… right away, of course.

Then you’ll have testimonials, which we’ll get into soon, that show the buyer of the product is now problem free. Ahhh, success and naturally, the solution is “not available in stores.”

Speaking of “not available in stores,” we have merch, which is only available on alux.com/merch


Buyers Feel Part of the Celeb Clique if Product Is Endorsed

The man who once dug a hole with a spoon… now known as the Grand Canyon… Chuck Norris has endorsed Total Gym. Cindy Crawford did Meaningful Beauty, Justin Bieber and Jessica Simpson both did Proactive, and of course George Foreman and the Foreman Grill.

Many celebrities make a fortune endorsing products on Infomercials and even though we may never be able to hang out with these celebs, we feel a certain level of connectivity knowing we  use the same skincare range as JB or we gym in a similar way to Chuck Norris.

It makes us feel like we’re a celeb, albeit a much poorer one!

Still to come, we’ll share great tips on how to avoid falling into the “limited offer” trap!

This sparkly feeling isn’t limited to shopping, but can be experienced with celebrity alcohol brands as well. Check out “15 Celebrities That Got Rich by Selling Alcohol.


“Real-Life” Testimonials Inspire Trust in the Product

A big reason why people buy infomercial products is that the testimonials show “real” people just like the viewer. People that they can relate to and feel comfortable with.

Sadly, these testimonials are not always legit as seen by weight-loss company Jenny Craig, who got caught out for using a fake testimonial. They used one of their employees to give a fake testimonial and a little bluebird told me that they got fined $37,800 for their transgression.


Repetitively Showing How Effective the Product Is

Don’t worry Aluxers, we won’t repeat ourselves this time. But one of the reasons people believe in the product they’re buying, is that they’ve seen it work. Not once, not twice… but 30 times!

You’ve seen the “How to Use a Raw Egg to Determine if Your Mattress is Awful” test ad nauseum. You’ve watched Richard Simmons, “Sweating to the Oldies” and couldn’t help but notice Suzanne Somers’s firm thighs thanks to the ThighMaster.

We are very aware of how these products work. We know that they do work. And best of all, we know if we buy right now, we’ll get another for free!


People Are Targeted When They’re Alone and Lonely

It’s proven that lonely people shop more. There are several reasons why, but shopping fills a void. It is also addictive, releasing endorphins and dopamine every time a purchase is made.

In the past, infomercials were generally reserved for late at night, targeting a specific demographic. It made sense, as airspace was a lot cheaper. The other reason why late-night infomercials are a success is that people are often tired and don’t always make informed decisions. Buyers are more vulnerable and open to suggestive advertising.

These days, there are 24-hour, 7 days a week infomercial channels, and their audience is highly diverse.

Don’t go anywhere Aluxers, because studies show millions of Americans suffer from this…


Customers Are Spoon Fed to Move Them to the Purchase

Yep, millions of Americans suffer from being spoon fed to purchase a product they’ve seen on an infomercial.

Buying anything through an infomercial is as easy as picking up your mobile phone right now and dialing 1800 infomercial. That’s 1800 infomercial. Make sure you have your credit card details handy, as our operators are still standing by.

Did you find yourself easily buying a Bedazzler because you somehow realized how badly you needed it? Or what about a Topsy Tail gathering dust in your drawer? And we’re pretty sure you’re one of the millions who succumbed to a Snuggie?

Don’t fret, it’s all par for the infomercial course and besides, a little buyer regret never killed anybody.


Buyers Feel Like They’re Part of the Action

Even though infomercials are a hard sell, you don’t realize it until it’s too late. The scripts and actors are all designed to draw the viewer in, to make them feel like they’re part of the action.

Have you ever been part of a chat show audience? Most of the time it’s pretty fun and exciting, well unless it’s the Ellen Show, but we digress.

So, watching an infomercial gives you that same feeling of excitement, a little bit of adrenaline and before you know it, your ShamWow cloths are arriving in the mail!


The Dialogue Is Written to Keep You Watching

How many infomercial liners can you think of off the top of your head? Plenty we’re sure!

“As seen on TV.”

“Buy 2 get the 3rd Free.”

“Never pay for a covered repair again”

“Risk-free trial”

“Free Gift.” …. Aluxers, have you ever had to pay for a gift in your life? How redundant!

“Just pay shipping and handling”

“Stick around, we’re going to show you something that will blow your mind.”

And those are just scratching the surface. Scriptwriters are so good at keeping you watching that you’ve invested so much time in the infomercial, you feel suckered into buying the product.


It’s a Mini Production

The adverts are hilarious, you feel like you’re watching a short movie.

We absolutely love NERD Skincares infomercials, featuring Laura Clery, who by the way, if you’re not aware yet is pregnant with her second child!

The advert for Squatty Potty has been dubbed, “The Greatest Viral Ad in Internet History,” which catapulted the toilet accessory to instant fame. Within 4-months, the commercial was viewed 66 million times.

And yes, Aluxers, “it will give you the best poop of your lifetime, guaranteed.”


You Can Shop From the Comfort of Their Home

We know, it’s a saying that has been repeated a lot since Covid-19 struck, but it’s a slogan that goes hand-in-hand with infomercials.

Of course, now, we all realize how wonderful it is to stay home all day in our Snuggies, hammering away at our Slap Chop while wearing our Rejuvenique Electric Facial Mask…

To wrap up in the famous words of Billy Mays, “Life’s a pitch and then you buy.”

Question: We’d love to know what your best infomercial purchase has been to date?