15 Places to Enjoy Luxurious Sunshine in Bali

4 August 2017

What is better than enjoying luxurious sunshine in the island of gods?

What do you look for when you are visiting one of the most popular tropical destinations in the world? The sun! And Bali has some of the best spots to enjoy that luxurious sunshine. Sunrise, sunbath, or sunset? It’s your call!

There is not just one awesome place to enjoy sunshine in Bali along with the luxury of its beach, tropical weather, and culture. There are plenty! Wrapping them up into this top-15 list was hard indeed. Even as a local who has been living in this island of gods for years, it is a tough call.

These top fifteen spots to enjoy the glorious sunshine of Bali are some of the most popular and favorite among locals and both international and domestic tourists. They cover all kinds of activity you can do here.

So, nature lovers, culture enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and more importantly, sun catchers, gather round! Without further ado, let us present to you these best spots to enjoy the sun in Bali!

15. Relaxing on bean bags around Seminyak

15 Places to Enjoy Luxurious Sunshine in Bali | #15. Relaxing on bean bags around Seminyak
15 Places to Enjoy Luxurious Sunshine in Bali | #15. Relaxing on bean bags around Seminyak | source: passportandplaces.com

Let’s start with the most popular, one of the first things you will find in page one of Beach 101. Sitting on a bean bag, with cold beer on your hand, sands on your toes, as the sun goes down majestically on the sea horizon in front of you.

Almost all beaches in western part of Bali provide you the view, but Seminyak area offers you the best touristic atmosphere. There are plenty beach bars you can choose from. They are located just a few steps away from the main Kuta beach street. When the tropical rain hits suddenly, don’t worry, because there are diners, restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers across the street for you to hide away.

Seminyak is easy to access. It is just a little north of the famous Kuta beach. And it is only a few minutes away from the airport. In fact, you can even watch airplanes landing just by the horizon. So, next time you’re here, don’t forget to wave at those rich and famous people flying on their first class seats.

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