Places to Meet Single Millionaires | Top 10

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Places to Meet Single Millionaires | Top 10

Ladies and gentlemen, but mostly ladies, today we’ll present 10 places to meet single millionaires.

If you dream to meet your Prince Charming, as well as being romanced in style, then these are the places where you’ll find him.

From a study in the Huffington Post, the conclusion was that women are more likely to date a man possessing a luxury item. Shocker! Not!

Single millionaires hang around only in special places.

And these are 10 of those places in which you can try your luck! Let’s get started!

10Fashionable Pubs

Successful, millionaire professionals can be found in places nearby their offices.
And high class pubs near successful men like lawyers or doctors work are the ideal places where they can relax with a drink after a hard day.

On the other hand, there are the college pubs. Remember those pubs where you got drunk after finals?
Apparently, millionaires are drawn to those places. And you can figure it out why. Maybe not to find their soul mate … but just drunk college girls.

Tip: Peak office hours should be avoided and weekends too. The crowd is mixed in weekends so you might not spot a millionaire.
We recommend late evenings, especially at the beginning of a weekend.

Places to Meet Single Millionaires  Top 10 10. Fashionable Pubs
Places to Meet Single Millionaires Top 10 10. Fashionable Pubs
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