15 Positive Advice You Need to Hear

8 November 2020

2020 has been one hell of a year, we’re all feeling kinda weird, so we filled this article with the positive advice you’d want to hear.. Or maybe.. It’s just what WE wanted to hear.

This is a collection of Positive advice that we hope will alleviate some of the noise, clear some of the clouds and sadness we’re all experiencing right now.

We needed this and there’s a wise saying that goes like this:

When you hear good advice, you should always do two things: Take it in and pass it on.

We’re here to do our part and who knows, hopefully it will help some of you!

If you don’t feel like going through the long article, as always, here’s the video version:

With that suggested, here are 15 positive pieces of advice you need to hear and maybe feel better about tomorrow!


You’re Exactly Where You’re Supposed to Be!

Many of you are thinking that maybe your life would’ve been different if you were living in another place, maybe another country.. And yes.. It would have been differently, but that’s exactly why we believe every single one of you is exactly where they are supposed to be at this point in time.

Your reality is making you realize that maybe you want to move, you need to change, or in some cases, just how blessed to be where you are right now.

Not to go full Alchemist on you, but some people spend their entire lives searching for something that was in their backyard all along.


There Are Some Floors Where You Can’t Take the Elevator To

We know it’s hard.. Life.. relationships.. What you want to do next.. Who you want to become.. It’s all hard.

But not changing, not growing and living with the regret that you could’ve been more is even harder.

Some say that: Suffering is part of our journey to become wise. It’s a positive advice packed with truth.

We don’t know how you got yourself where you are, what happened in your life so far, but know for a fact that there’s a higher level of existence at your doorstep. There is no elevator from this point on, taking the stairs is your only option if you want to go up. The positive is that you have a choice. You can climb now.. You can climb later.. Some of you might not be ready to do it while others have been training to jog up them stairs.

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.

Where do you want time to take you?


Only People Scared of Living Push Others to Live Like Them

Your goals are your own.

You’re going through this life trying to make those around you happy and in the process you end up hurting yourself.

The more you try to make everyone happy, the more miserable you become!

This is a trade off people make every single day and you’re probably one of them. But this will change the moment you realise you’re living for yourself now and you probably don’t even know it.

You’ve began your journey and you’ve made more progress than you think. Actually..

You’re half-way to goals you haven’t even dreamt yet! It’s high time to ponder about this positive advice and create from it what resonates with you.

The person you are and are becoming, will use your reality as a building block for every future goal you set for yourself. This… you right now… this is part of this process!


It’s Ok to Not Feel Like an Adult, We’re All Children

Others will try to make it seem like everything is supposed to be done a certain way.. To abide by rules they’ve made up in their minds.. Everybody is trying to fool everyone else.

In reality, we’re all children who are constantly growing up. It’s ok to remain a child until the day you live. For some this positive advice might sound impractical, but once we begin living like that, we can only then experience how it truly is the wisest way. But…

The goal is to become a child with experience!

Get good at having fun, at laughing with friends, hugging the people you love..

Yes, money is amazing but nowhere does it say that you have to sacrifice your creativity and by correlation who you are deep down in order just to make more money. If you do that, you’re losing either way no matter how big the reward.


It’s Ok to Not Have a Good Day, Remember There Are 365 Days in a Year!

Some days are not your winning days.. And it’s ok.

For some reason we’ve built this culture of going after it 24/7. Our gurus, leaders and influencers portray this lifestyle of always on, sleep 4 hours, build a new business every day, never rest, sleep is for quitters… and everyone who came out alive out of this process will tell you it’s not sustainable… hell.. We’ll tell it ourselves. Whenever a positive advice is about sleep, it’s tricky stuff.

Our approach has changed as our experience increased and learned to play the game better.

It’s a lot more rhythmic like the ocean waves or the way a tiger or lion hunts in the wild.

You focus all your effort into one hunt that feeds you and your family and then you rest, until the next hunt presents itself.

Of course there are things you can do to help the hunt every single day such as training.. But rest is also part of the equation and this is not something that gets a lot of sunlight in the general discussion, although being an incremental part.

It’s ok to take the day off and do something creative. Don’t fry up your brain or ruin your body.. Be responsible, but remember that it’s ok to take a day off.

Instead of fighting a ‘bad day that has passed’, it’s productive to shift our focus and energy to ‘make the new day joyful’. Here are 15 Ways to Live a More Interesting Life


Life Balances Out, After Pain There’s Always Pleasure

We are all in a constant state of change. Everything is changing and change is scary. We’re frightened because we’re not sure if who we are is enough for what is to come.

You’re unsure how you will be able to process what’s happening in your life right now, but trust that the pain you’re feeling is temporary.. We’re all temporary.

They say that:

Sometimes to get to heaven you gotta go through hell.

And although it sounds gruesome, we’re all going through different types of hell.

In order to do that one needs hope, hope that things will be better.

Hope provides fuel when there is no other resource to draw from, but it is not a strategy. Purpose is the force that drives a meaningful life.

There’s even an acronym here:

HOPE = Hold On, Pain Ends

Even Albert Einstein said:

Life is like riding a bicycle.. In order to keep your balance you gotta keep moving.

And for everyone who’s going through a really rough patch, just keep pedaling… do not stop, or you will remain where you find yourself right now.

It might not be today.. It might not be tomorrow.. But know that someday soon it will all be ok.


They’ll Say You Changed, Like You Worked That Hard to Stay the Same!

You know we stole that positive advice from Jay-Z!

People will be mad because the old you isn’t here anymore.

The truth is, the old you wasn’t good enough for what’s waiting for you ahead. You had to become this new person in order to be able to access these new levels.

You have no obligation to anyone to stop your growth because it makes them uncomfortable. If they ask for help and you’re willing to provide it, good, give it to them, otherwise, do not allow them to hold you back..

Life’s under no obligation to give us what we expect.

Life will take you places you don’t even know about. For every closed door it will open more towards blessings you were not aware of in the first place.


If It’s Raining on Your Street, Lend Your Umbrella to Someone Visiting You

Sometimes we forget about everyone else… we’re all like that now and then.

You have people that care about you, that are there for you… make sure you are gentle with them..

For these are the people that will bring sunshine through a sky filled with clouds.

These are the people that will pick you up when you are down..

And if you don’t have someone like that…become that person for yourself.

Keep your face towards the Sun and you cannot see your shadow!

If that doesn’t work, think of us as that someone.

We will always be here for you, a shoulder to cry on and that heavy dose of tough love that pushes you further.. This is what ALUX is for… and that’s what the community is all about.


Entire Forest Fires Start With Just One Spark

You have no idea how the smallest event can dramatically change your life. How many love stories began through sheer luck or through the randomness of life.

Some call it Serendipity, others call it chance…

Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.

Our positive advice here is to put it to test. Do something different today, set a spark in motion, throw a seed out into the world and see what it can blossom into..


Someday You Will Look Back at Today and Realise This Is the Moment Everything Changed for You

It might not seem like that for you, but it could be just that. After this article ends, why don’t you spend some time thinking about your life.. About everything that happened so far.. Play it back like a movie you’d have on a DVR.

Go through it and find the things that made you happy… find the things that seemed like hell back then, but you’ve managed to grow because of them.

The past is the past.. It’s not coming back and the future… well… the future is way to far ahead… what you have is now.

As of this very moment you are experiencing the present, you are alive and can smile if you want to… try it.. Smile and see what happens. We know some of you giggled when you did that. But smiled away you did.. You have that power for you are you.

In the same way you can tell your brain to put a smile on your face, you can do many other things…

This is the moment in your timeline when you realise the way you react to reality is 100% under your control.. Even if it’s a shitty reality… even more-so then!

Put this super-power to good use!


You Can’t Swing to the Next Branch if You Don’t Let Go of the Previous One

If you’re swinging from one vine towards another through the jungle of life, how do you expect your journey to progress if you’re still holding on to the past one?

We’re gonna pull a positive advice from Frozen here and tell you to Let it go, for great things away ahead.

Our plans never turn out as tasty as reality, for reality is beyond what you think you can achieve.

Your problem is you are too busy holding on to your unworthiness.

You think you don’t deserve more because some anchor you’ve cast for yourself in the past… but what if you didn’t let it hold you back anymore… what if you really went after it? What if you succeed? What if you do get the part? What if you do start the business? What if you ask your crush out and they say YES?!

Wouldn’t you rather find those answers?! You’re worthy! Go after them!


When You Look in the Mirror Try to See Who You Can Become Not Who You Are

Here’s something we really want you to take seriously: Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination! as well as: Never limit others because of your own limited imagination.

Very important to understand both sides of this!

Tomorrow morning after you’re done brushing your teeth, we want you to take a good look at yourself and then upgrade what you see. Try to picture the best version of yourself…. How’s this person different from the previous reflection? What makes this person happy? What makes them who they are?

Spend some time with them, study them, analyze them, draw value from then until the effect wears off.. And then go out into the world with your newfound knowledge and apply it. It won’t take long until that’s who you see in the mirror.


Go for Growth Over Consistency

You can do the same boring thing over and over again, getting the very same results OR you could try something challenging, something that makes you feel uncomfortable, maybe even a bit scared…

In this case.. Fear is good. Fear is showing you the way!

There’s a certain thrill you get when you’re that close to the edge of your comfort zone, where it’s cozy and familiar, but what if you took one step outside and see what that feels like?

Try to grow, to be more than you are, in any way you can, for growth will lead you to happiness.


Ships Are Safe in a Harbor, but That’s Not What Ships Are Made For

Once you’re comfortable with the first step outside your comfort zone, it’s time for you to be what you were always meant to be… to do what you were always meant to do.

Think just how vast the world around you is and how little of it you’ve explored of it. Sure, you’ve heard about all the different things outside of your current bubble, but have yet to experience them for yourself.

We want you to think about this, to get yourself ready to put your ship out into the open ocean and see where you end up.

The pandemic will be over eventually and we know sure as hell we’re ready to sail!


Just Love Everything

If there’s one piece of advice that dramatically changed the way we relate to everyone and everything is this one.

Just love everything!

We know it sounds like some hippy mumbo jumbo, but these hippies were onto something, something really valuable. Pay close attention, for: to love is very different than to own!

It helped us forgive and move on. It made everyone around us care for us more because: People mirror what we project onto them!

If you want to feel loved, just love everything!

We really hope we didn’t lose some of you along the way, for there are some things throughout this article that will resonate with you only when the time is right for you to be able to really hear them.


So today, we’re going to ask a very simple question: How are you holding up?

We’d love to get some genuine replies in the comments since we’re feeling kinda moody as well and some community love is more than welcome!