imposible project polaroid

Impossible Project Polaroid SX-70

$ 399.00


The Impossible Project Polaroid SX-70 Original Instant Film Camera (Certified Refurbished)

A classic! The Impossible Project Polaroid SX-70 Original Instant Film Camera is the first camera Polaroid produced for integral film and it is still revered as one of the most beautiful creations ever.

The SX-70 features a folding SLR design that is both compact and functional. The camera has 116mm f/8 glass lens with four element design and manual focus operation. An automatic variable shutter speed and aperture system links the f/8 to f/90 aperture range with a shutter speed range of 1/180 sec. to more than 5 sec. for accurate results.

It is fitted with a new Frog Tongue which ensures consistent and accurate developing after each shot by shielding the film from light.

This SX-70 utilizes batteries from the film packs to power itself and allows you to capture todays memories with vintage technology.Features:Type: Polaroid SX-70 Original camera.Lens: 4-element 116mm f/8 glass lens.Shutter: Automatic variable speed/aperture shutter system.Focusing: Manual via geared wheel.Exposure times: Shutter speeds from >5 sec to 1/180.Aperture: Aperture range f/8 f/90.Works with Color and Black and White Film for SX-70-Type Cameras.


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