15 reason why i should be rich?

what is the reason why people need to be rich instead of just having a normal life

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    They want to fulfill their incredible goals


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    >They want to fulfill their incredible goals.
    >They never want to suffer the financial problems
    >They want to live a luxurious life.
    >They want a secure future.
    >They want to give everything to their loved ones.
    >They want a remarkable personality in society.
    >They want to achieve all the happiness in their life.
    >They want to see the beauty of life.
    >They never want to go through poverty.
    >They want to give their children a secured future.
    >They wan to go on world tour without any financial insecurity.
    >They want a big bank balance.
    >They want to win the race of life
    >They Dont want to face problems which comes from poverty.
    >They want a secured financial status.


  4. Youre half right. Rich people dont want to have a normal life, but rich people dont actually aim for being rich, the poor does. Rich people dont really give a shit about being rich or not. They care more about fulfilling goals, dreams or social states, depending on different individuals. Eventually money comes to you when you reach for things, and at the same time you will understand the importance of money as you reach your goals.

    So yea, my point is, yes rich people aims to get rich, but not because of money, it is always driven by some ambitious. How boring is it to live like everyone else on this planet, not knowing truths, with no power, and cant do shit cuz the life is under control by others? Thats not living, thats surviving man. PS. People will always be poor and fail their life if they only look forward to money, because everything in their head will be spending, nothing creative.



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