A univerity degree won’t make you a billionaire! Or it will…?

I heard from ALUX and (if I remember right) from RICH DAD POOR DAD that “A degree won’t make you a billionaire”, but I looked at the most known rich people of our time eg. Jeff Bezos; Bill Gates; Bernard Arnault; Mark Zuckerberg; Warren Buffett; Elon Mask, etc.
And they all do have one or other kind of a university degree.

So is a degree really matter and will it make you eventually rich?

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    In my opinion, you DO need a degree. There’s this concept of evolving as resources around us do which makes it mandatory. For ex., most garment manufacturing houses who are promiment today started somewhere around 40-50 years ago and most of the founders were either illeterates, or dropouts. What they did have was a crazy hustler work ethic because of which most of them produced their garments themselves, then hired labor and eventually hired managers. Now look at their hiers today. They don’t have to sew themselves. What they do need is an undertsanding of floor management and how product managers create processes for that. They need to know about IMC and how to evaluate a position statement and even know foreign languages for that matter. So to work for a man like that or to be one, you need education. But hey, if you think that alone would suffice, No. It is just an add on that you need to have along with having the always reverred qualities known as street savviness and crazy work ethic.
    I hope this helps!


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    the degree works as a mind opener. most of the degrees around the world are designed to get people better jobs, but the wealthy people, as you’ve mentioned, took the initiative to do something, different from seeking a good and better paying job. a degree will earn you a living, but an initiative will make you wealthy.


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