I love your videos and have been watching for years but why the hell haven’t you gotten someone to do the voices that can pronounce the damn words in frenc, italian or spanish, just one language, but she sounds like a hillbilly who’s stupid enough to sleep with her brothers on a regular basis. The videos share so much great information but often I have no idea of what she is talking about because she is incapable of saying one foreign word, correctly and adds that dreadful accent that is a real turn off, she cannot say a hotels name, a street name, nor a cars name so we cannot even google these things since her accent is such fucking shiite. Either get her into language lessons with a native language speaker or a coach that has spent extensive amounts of time in foreign countries and can speak the languages correctly. This kind of poor communication only adds to the level of ignorance that has allowed mankind to become stupid enough to vote for idiots like Trump.

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