Any ideas on how I could fund my study abroad?

Scholarships sound good, but I do not want to depend on them.

I have found an undergraduate program that really suits me: The GIGA (Global Information and Governance Academics) Program of Keio University, Japan. If you are from US, perhaps studying in Japan is relatively cheap for you. But to Indonesian people like me, it is relatively expensive.

I was an accepted applicant of The GIGA Program last year. However, I failed in the scholarship competition and therefore I had to decline the admission offer; my parents could not afford my studying abroad by their own funding.

I applied again this year and the admission decision will be announced by the end of next March. I do hope that I will win a scholarship this time. But I decided to do something different this time; I want to prepare better this time: in case I do not get any scholarship again, I want to be ready with another funding source.

So, what are your ideas for this case? Do you have any business idea for me to start? Would you recommend me some companies to give my proposals to? Your suggestion is very valuable to me (:

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  1. You might not like the sound of this, but just move abroad & make it work. Save enough money to have for 1-2 months rent and look for a job/ side-hustle.

    Only once your basic needs are taken care of, then look for ways to grow your income,


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      Hello, Emil. That is a nice idea! I actually have thought about it 😀

      The worst case is that I am accepted but not granted any scholarship so I need to pay the admission fee and first year tuition fee by the beginning of May. I have two months to prepare the money. Do you have any further idea on how I could make money for this?


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