Can anyone help please.

Hey all! I'm new in Toronto and currently, I'm living in a rented house. But, I'm so not comfortable staying in a rented place. There's absolutely no freedom to do anything. Moreover, I love designing my living space by myself. So, I'm planning to get a place of my own. I've seen a couple of houses and a condo too. The condo, I feel is pretty good for me, as I stay alone and do not require a big place. But I don't know the procedures of purchasing a house here, in Canada. My friend suggested me to apply for a mortgage here in Mortgages.ca, Toronto. But I'm not pretty sure whether to get a mortgage or not. Moreover, I no nothing of this company too. Could anyone please help me out. If taking a mortgage is necessary, is this mortgage company good to go with? If not please suggest some good company. Thanks in advance.

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