Can we use an Airtel 4G SIM in a 3G Smartphone?

By priya10digi

Airtel is one of the largest telecom service providers in India. It was the first to launch 4G service for its customers. In order to enjoy the fast internet speed and connectivity of a 4G SIM, it is necessary to use a 4G smartphone. However, an Airtel 4G SIM can be used in a 3G smartphone. The user needs to configure data settings and choose ‘3G’ option. In case, they want to seek the benefits of a 4G SIM, they have to buy a 4G smartphone.   

If anyone is looking to buy Airtel 4G SIM, then the online market is a good option. They can visit and buy the SIM. offers a vast array of data plans catering to the needs of various customers. The process is hassle-free only requiring Aadhar Card for verification purpose. The customers can buy Airtel SIM online sitting in the comfort of their home. Visit and avail the Airtel new SIM.


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