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I’m currently in college, and planning for a startup but I’m finding it hard to manage time, money or resources for both. And I’m not ready to dropout from college yet. So what should I do and which book would you recommend for me.

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  1. You can freelance it by some strategy if your idea is good or else you can wait.


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    Hi there,
    Greetings from,
    Shashank Sarode,
    Founder and CEO
    I was having the same problem earlier in my early startup stage ( I am still a startup) . A year ago when I started to pursue my dream and started my startup. I was struggling with mis management of time. Here’s the solution I found.?
    I separated my self from the rat race and just remembered, We all have the same 24 hours to use.
    And then took a notebook and started scheduling my time,
    (your schedule will be different from mine when you will do it)
    I started from waking up at 4am and getting fresh.
    Than at 4:30 reading self development books like (think and grow rich) the first book I’ve ever read in my life.
    At 5 I go to the gym….. And so on.
    You can design your own schedule if you just separate yourself from rat race and grow your startup and Education at the same time.
    Hope you found value in this answer.
    And wish you best wishes for your Successful future my friend.?



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