Could you do a ’10 things you don’t know ‘ video on current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi?

His personal life is very inspiring, infact, currently he is best leader of a country in the world. Despite he got wrongly accused in Gujarat riots and whole media and so called human right enthusiasts were after him, he did believe in Indian constitution and judiciary and said that “I am innocent and I believe in my country’s system” and later on courts proved that he was innocent and the paid media were dumbstruck. He abandon his personal life at an early age in order to be a sanyasi and serve his country. He never lost an election in his life. I think still he do not own a single for himself. Shinzo Abe only follows four people on twitter and one of them is Narendra Modi. He used to sell tea at railway station when he was young. He is as positive person as one can be and addresses with so much energy. When he became prime minister, he went to other counties to address Indian diaspora and he received and still receive crazy responses from Indians there. One of the example is his reception at Wembley on his first visit to U.K. after being selected as a prime minister where he addressed fellow Indians living there. His reception was like as if it was an inauguration of olympics. There is an application namely Narendra Modi where you can give suggestions, file complaint or queries and it reaches directly to PM. My personal experience of this application is a proof that he is a mass leader. I complained about use of old trains and improper timing of trains on Trans Harbour line which connects Navi Mumbai and Mumbai. And after one week I observed that train timings were changed and a couple of new trains were put in. If a common citizen like me can reach the Prime Minister of a country, it is a proof of a true leader. I would suggest Alux to gather info and put his 10 or 15-things-you-dont-know-about-Narendra-Modi video, it would be really and inspirational video which would implicate hard work and positivity which future billionaires would certainly need 🙂

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    I think he do not own single house of his own



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