Men with cruel haircuts. Women with flowing locks. Wild rivers Waterfalls. Whether you’re watching Viking, or have heard of Iceland’s eclectic casual sex culture, it’s hard not to approach the land of Fire and Ice without your brain bouncing along stereotypes.

But before you peep into the hook up scene in Iceland, you need some rules to avoid embarrassment, or to inadvertently insult someone. Whether you’re an Australian floating in and out of the Schengen zone, a photographer on a trip of a lifetime, a surfer with snow for the mind, or a feat-eyed backpacker, here’s everything you need to know before you wake up in Iceland .

Iceland may have a liberal hook-up scene, but it does not license you to be arrogant. Conversely – Iceland has been ahead several times (many petitioned to ban artist Julian Blanc from entering the country in 2014) – anyone who adopts a sexist attitude is shocked. Hopefully, you won’t recreate the dodgy pick-up lines you learned from a bald friend on Youtube in your country too. But if not, now is the time to stop

Icelandic women want to get to know someone on a more friendly basis and then decide if it is worth meeting. Chill dates like drinking coffee, going for a jazz, sitting with beer and cards, or doing ice cream altogether. Iceland is a place where you need to go with the flow. As everyone says about Iceland, “dating a woman in Iceland is often put far behind. You can meet each other on Tinder, Instagram or send him a message on any social media platform and start chatting. Don’t start by sending him a love poem or being too aggressive. Yet we go to the part where I show you how to meet the women of Iceland, let me show you how the women of Iceland are summarized. In terms of character (and more importantly). There are also many Icelandic female stereotypes out there, so I will try my best to debunk them. To see what makes Icelandic women special? I’d be more than happy to show you

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