Dear Alux, are tou capable of empathy?

While I do understand your Darwinist view to life, it seems to completely discredit research sciences, where the salaries are low, and the economic impact is small. You also seem to blame the poor for their lackluster financial situation, as well as portraying them as more or less unanimous in their views. Do you understand nuance? You seem to act like a bad parody of gluttonous capitalists that socialists use to justify their beliefs (I’m apolitical right now), and incapable of empathizing with the underprivileged, viewing them as whiny and needy, and thinking they had a choice to stay poor/ become poor, completely ignoring mental illness, abusive families, and just being born into it. Could you at least validate your view points or begin to feel for others before you go around complaining about the poor?

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    just noticed the typo in the title, sorry




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