Do you need a college degree to succeed?

Dear Alux,

         Despite some criticism, I really love your videos, they are actually quite motivating than demeaning. 

          My question is that nowadays we are told that a college degree is absolutely necessary to even become middle class these days. But they do not tell us that the college degree we need to get is in STEM usually or the upper ends of business like finance and accounting. But a crucial thing they leave out of this whole ordeal is survivorship bias. The truth is these majors are incredibly difficult and most people that go into them don’t succeed and the reasoning behind it is actually more complicated than people just being lazy. But they also don’t mention things like trade schools. Where there are jobs and where the work is more physically laborious than mentally.

Overall, what is your take on this? I would love to hear back from you

Thank you,

MohammadT Qureshi

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