Do you think saffron can be substituted with some other spices?

I don't think so.

Being the expensive spice, I guess people would think of substituting it with some other spices, to get the flavor or the benefits of saffron. But, the ultimate reality is, nothing can give you the same effect/aroma of a kesar because, it is very unique of it's kind and it has it's own property that is not available in any other forms.

I would rather lose my curiosity in finding the perfect substitute for the precious spice.

So, how about you? Incase, you did find a perfect substitute please do share with me.

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    The simple answer is “no”. Can’t imagine what it would be and it certainly would not taste the same. Go to World Market where they have little plastic box containers of the spice for not very much. Look in the spice aisle.


    • I agree with SavvySenior, you can actually buy “saffron flavoring”, some artificial compound that has a similar taste, but compared to vanilla for example (the core molecule in vanilla is “vanillin” which is a fairly simple molecule, easily synthesizable), in the case of Saffron the chemical build is a lot more complex (the most important molecule is picrocrocin which is harder to create) + there are over 150 other compounds involved into what saffron is, so the difference between real and artificial is quite high as it is actually cheaper to cultivate than “build it in a lab”.

      The core problem with saffron is that it takes a lot of time/space to create the flowers and for each you only get a tiny amount of saffron. Historically speaking when something like this happened and we needed to improve the output, humanity looked to either mix-breed or genetically modify.


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