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Hellow Aluxers,  I am interested to learn how to get out of the comfort zone as frequent as possible? Do you know any book that talks about getting out of the comfort zone?

Thank you so much your for your time and thank you for the valuable content of your videosComfort zone

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  1. Hi Ferdinand,
    A lot depends on where you are now in your life, in terms of education, career, relationships, finances, etc. Regardless, you can make a list of things you’ve never done or places you’ve never visited. Lay out the specifics of what it would take to go and do (this could take some research!), and break the specifics down into manageable steps (only you know what’s manageable in your case). Then pick one or two of those things/places/achievements, and lay out the steps on a calendar, so that they hit your to-do list. Also, if you set specific target dates (e.g., “I’m going to France in July 2019), by setting a date into your calendar, you can back-map from that time to today, and plan out the steps between now and then.

    You will find your comfort zone greatly expanded! By setting goals to accomplish something new, you have by definition stepped out of your original comfort zone. Once you’ve done that, on to the next challenge!



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