Hello Alux.com! Your content is always on point for the longest time that I have been following you, I love it. Please advise on this; I’m involved in doing business and entertainment as a person where when it comes to business I’m this serious guy, but when it comes to entertainment I just switch to being jokeful and hilarious in all manners possible (where I use my “stage name” instead of my real name). I want to have a large following and audience in both fields but I’m stuck between having different accounts with different names in each social media platform, and having one account in each platform that will cater for both business and entertainment. Someone told me that I don’t need to play like different people (so as to gain trust and attention as you mentioned in one of your videos on mediapreneurs), and so I only need to have one account (probably a brand name) that will target both kinds of audiences. Please advise.

One brand name as an individual in social media platforms for both entertainment and business or two different brand names for each entertainment and business in social media platforms?

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