Hello alux i just wanna know that i should go for the college/university after my high-school just for a degree to make my self as a good personality .After all i wanna to expand my business what do you think should i go for it or drop it

My father runs a jewelry store which is on the track to be a successful business. I want to expand it and make a good market value for the business. Most important i am from india

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    @vansh71 I’m also an Indian and I’ve once took a bad decision to go to college for engineering just for a goddamn certificate. I actually wanted to be an entrepreneur. So here I am cursing myself for joining engineering which I really hate and my parents won’t let me drop out. But, it seems like you have an option to drop out, then just do it bro….if you’re really passionate about business, then don’t fall into the same college, certificate, blah blah shit like me


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    If you are only trying to have a jewelry business or other product, then a certificate at a trade school may help you. That takes only a few months and you can do it part time. That could be in marketing or in bookkeeping. Markting helps you see how to reach more people to get more customers. Bookkeeping is how you keep track of income, expenses and tax deductions. It helps you see when you are making a profit and areas that need to be improved.


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    a couple of points

    1) Young age won’t come back, those bachelor parties won’t come back, those energy levels won’t come back. friends, parties, education, love, college life won’t come back. these will remain as precious memories for the rest of the life. Money can be earned at any time, but Time and Energy cant be recalled.

    2) as you mentioned there is already a business that is already going on and you want to expand it. if you seriously want to lose the young age enjoyment, then stop education, do the business and in free time opt for an online graduation program from a good university of your choice and complete it.. in the end, you do business and you get an online degree certificate.

    The decision is yours. one important point. In life have some sweet memories.


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