Hello Alux, love from India ?? My dad wants me to join his business and that business pays good..but I’ve my other plans on starting my own business and do all by myself and to do so I’m going for a job that pays me less. If I join my dad, I’ll earn much than I’m earning right now, but my dad won’t allow me or invest in my business. What should I do ?? Help me out please :)

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    Keep working on your job and take out some time for your own business. Do it consistently. It will be hard, very hard. But do not give up. Because that’s what others did and never worked on their own dreams.


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    Hi Avi_sahu. You are looking at 2 components, Money and opportunity (or as you say freedom). I see 3 components here. Money, Opportunity, and TIME. If you know what is it that you want to venture into and grow, you need to set a realistic time goal for it. If your vision is clear, you will have all the answers served on your table, just by selecting the most important component for you, out of the three.
    Getting into business with parents will certainly give you the required bank balance, on the contrary you will be deprived of exposure to the real world in a few instances.
    Starting a job with less payout will kill your time, but you’ll learn the hard way and most importantly value your money more than what you would make form family business.
    Time is of great value, it is the time that will always make you successful for whatever you do, if utilized perfectly.


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    Hey! I’m from India as well and I can understand your situation. If your ultimate goal is to start your own business, explain to your father why that means so much to you. Join his business, learn as much as you can, save a part of your salary for your own start up and start off when you think you’re ready. You’ll learn a lot more in a family owned business than you will in a corporate job.


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    All the time you are free person. You can choose what ever you want. Try to understand what lessons you want to learn. In my case I start working new job, I like that job, but after few months it’s started to be very boring job. Then I ask what will be different in other yob? Answer was the same… nothing. The key was my fast growing I want that, so I start learning lessons. After all for me even no matter what type of business now I am doing I like to use highest skills as I can get. My lucky story like this. Cheers!!! Explore your minds!


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    Try to convince your Dad by presenting the theme and business plan you have. Make him believe in your project and let him understand the vision and belief you are having for that project. I hope someone from Alux.com will have a better guidance for you.


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