Help me and…… Thanks!

By Sulav

Hello, I am a student…15yrs

I saw your video of 15 business books. 

I want to start reading books but should I prefer audiobooks or physical book…?

If you guys have some more books which you think is going to help me in my future career, please let me know…or just list the book names in the reply with the author…I will be glad to see that…


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  • I suggest obtaining and reading the physical books (maybe on an e-reader, but only if you’re either dreadfully short on storage space, or have low vision & need the backlighting). Sometimes audiobooks are incomplete, and only sections that the publisher (or some editorial assistant) thinks are most important are read aloud. This puts someone in charge of what you receive.

    The research from educational psychology indicates that physically reading (not just listening) is a more interactive form of learning that listening, and thus you learn more efficiently, you retain more knowledge, and it sticks longer. You control the rate of input, decide when you need a break, can return to a previous page and re-read it as needed, or perhaps stop and read a section aloud to help you ponder it a little more deeply–do you see? An audio just keeps on going, and even if you stop and replay, often it’s hard to find exactly the spot you wanted readily.

    Certainly, there is a place for audiobooks: if you spend a lot of time in the car, and want to listen on your commute, that’s fine, but audiobooks are not as good a choice for subjects you want to learn in depth; they’re better for things that need to be committed to memory (e.g., foreign language phrases before you travel abroad). Besides, you don’t get to look at tables and diagrams, which can be helpful in understanding business models.

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