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    ignore this, I accidentaly posted it and I don’t know how to delete it :’c


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    anyways, I’ll write the thing in the coments:

    I have a doubt about kickstarter.

    I’ve being working in a project about playingcards design, and hopefully this would turn in to a startup for a playing cards designing company.

    The big deal is: I’m from one of those countries no one wants to born in, and thus, kickstarter wont let me work with them.

    Is there any advise to kickstart the project via corud founding even though I’m not from one of the countries in the list of kickstarter?

    Or, is there any servise who can “lend me” the US recidence? (or any other country like Austria, Canada, hong Kong, etc.)

    Thanks for your like everyone <3


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    It’s Crowdfunding. Google search for the different organizations providing it, as well as Peer-to-Peer lending. Beware of companies that have an all or nothing clause. That means if you do not raise all of the moeny that your goal was, you only raised some of it. Then you get nothing and the money that was raised gets credited back to the donor.


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